The Dixie Drive-In

The Dixie Twin Drive-In opened in Dayton in July 1957. On Saturday morning, almost 66 years later, I went to this closed theater just to see their fabulous mid-century sign. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Drive-in theaters once dotted the American landscape and are pure Americana. Unfortunately, times have changed and most are gone. Luckily, there are a precious few hanging in here in Ohio and I’m glad to say this is one of them.

They still operate April through October with two movies per screen per night. Plus, they host the Paris Flea Market on Sunday mornings. Who knew you could visit Paris from Dayton, Ohio on a Sunday morning?

Their slogan? “Watch movies. Be thrifty. Get rad.”


Here’s another look at that amazing sign. It’s in good shape for its age.

Plan your trip to the Dixie today!

First 2023 Adventure Day

Yesterday brought a break in the No Spend Challenge for a little Adventure Day. I intended to stay home and use the time to do a couple of projects, get some rest and read. But the forecast for sunshine and 41 degrees was simply too tempting to ignore.

Instead, I set off early and headed to Dayton to hike at Aullwood Audubon where I visited the trolls or the forest giants, depending on what you call them. It was 21 degrees and the weather app said it felt like fifteen but I was so happy to be in nature I did not care.

Then I hit up the Waco Air Museum in Troy.

And, I needed lunch so I found a fantastic little diner nearby. It was cramped and busy so my pictures are all awful but the food was delish and I really liked it there. I will tell you all about it soon.

And I mostly window shopped at Antiques Village but did score a couple of good deals. This is one of my favorite antique malls so I couldn’t leave town without a stroll through.

It’s funny because I was so happy at home and focusing on my January No Spend Challenge that I never felt deprived. However, this day that was heavy on experiences and light on spending was just what I needed. I felt more like myself than I have in a long time.

It was a long day but I would have stayed out longer. We are probably lucky that I didn’t continue West when I found myself on the National Road. Don’t think I didn’t contemplate running away from home to the great state of Indiana!

Along the way, I chatted with people, looked at some interesting things and even saw a mink in the wild. So check back to hear more and to see more pictures!

Tree Doors

Doors capture my attention everywhere I go. Fancy or plain, it makes no difference. While I notice and photograph doors often, these are the most unusual ones I’ve had the pleasure to see in person.

You’ll find them on the entrances at Aullwood Arboretum near Dayton. I wrote about it this fall when I visited the forest giants (or trolls) that were created by artist Thomas Dambo. You can read that story here.

It’s a beautiful trail system with a nice nature center that I imagine is lovely to visit all year. It was especially pretty in the fall and I’m scheming to see it in snow this winter.

Meanwhile, if you visit, pay attention to the doors when you enter. They’re pretty fabulous.

The Tale Of Three Forest Giants

Once upon a time, in a magical land called Dayton, there lived three forest giants. Bibbi, Bodil and Bo were made of reclaimed wood by a man with the soul of a poet and the profession of an artist.

On Friday, an adventurer named Brandi, from a land not far away, went on a quest to find them all.

You’ll find these three giants at Aullwood Audubon north of Dayton. The truth is Aullwood is a spectacular place to visit even without the artwork. Woods, prairies, streams and meadows provide amazing habitat for all sorts of creatures. Trails meander here and there, exploring nooks and crannies, reaching into places that resemble a storybook picture.

The artist behind the forest giants is the world’s leading recycle artist. Thomas Dambo is a native of Denmark who uses locally sourced materials to create his sculptures. You can read more about him here.

If this story sounds familiar, that’s because I told you last year about visiting another location that is correct to hosting Dambo pieces. You can read about that here.

It’s a beautiful walk to reach all three sculptures and it’s not strenuous. I believe it’s about a three mile loop unless you’re like me and wander off a good bit. I regretted not packing a lunch and having a picnic somewhere. I’ll do that next time.

If you go, take note there’s also a nature center and an educational farm where you can meet some animals and explore.

Project READ At Antiques Village

If you’re in the Dayton area and are a reader, stop by the Project Read Bookstore at Antiques Village.

First off, this vendor mall is spectacular. It’s 80,000 square feet of antiques, vintage items, home decor and books. I never hesitate to swing by when in the area.

One corner is occupied by the Project READ Bookstore. Project READ is a literacy coalition that serves the Dayton area, referring people to literacy classes, GED programs and even reading tutoring for kids and adults.

The books they sell are neatly organized, clean and good quality. At just $3 per book, there are countless bargains to be found and it’s for a good cause. At least, that’s what I tell myself as I fill my cart!

Want to go treasure hunting at Antiques Village? Click here to visit their website.

Dawn Patrol

If you’re an aviation aficionado or a history devotee and are near Dayton, Ohio, here’s what you need to do today: get yourself to the National Museum of the US Air Force for the World War I event Dawn Patrol.

They have replica World War I era planes and radio controlled aircraft in the air and on display. There are some very old cars, vendors and reenactors who are eager to chat.

My dad and I went yesterday. Honestly, the weather was gusty and cool, making it hard to enjoy but there was still some great stuff to see.

First off, the planes!

The flying got started a little late because most of these planes are too light to handle well in these windy conditions. Here’s another.

The RC Aircraft always impresses me. These planes are built with an incredible degree of detail and often sound realistic from the air.

There was a small collection of period cars too. This 1908 Buick is pretty special. That’s the owner checking out the motor.

I always get a kick out of reenactors who are willing to share stories and demonstrate the things they find interesting.

Here’s one more picture for good measure.

This last plane is a full scale Fokker that my pal Dewey has been flying for the owner who is an aviation enthusiast but not a pilot. It’s a pretty special plane to see in person so be sure to look for it if you go today.

Want to go? Dawn Patrol info can be found here. It ends at five so be sure to hurry up and get there! While you’re there, stop by the museum for a look around!