Grandma’s Cookie Tin

When I was a kid in the eighties, this blue tin of little butter cookies was a staple in my paternal grandparents’ home.

My grandma was an amazing cook. She was an old fashioned Appalachian cook who was always prepared to throw together a great meal with homemade noodles, potatoes and fried meat of some kind. She made delicious pies and cakes including a Mandarin Orange Cake that I attempt to recreate every Easter.

For all her amazing qualities in the kitchen, cookies weren’t her thing. She tried but they were just never that good. Isn’t that funny? She could can a garden full of vegetables and make homemade pie crust with her eyes closed but couldn’t pull off a decent sugar cookie.

She mostly filled the cookie jar on her vinyl tablecloth clad table with store bought cookies and there was frequently a tin of these little butter cookies on hand too.

I hadn’t thought about them in years but was recently transported back to that old kitchen with the African violets in the window and a jar full of bacon grease on the stove. That’s because I found small tins of these cookies at the Dollar Tree. This package is about a fourth the size that she always bought but it was the perfect amount of cookies to make me smile.

Honestly, they aren’t that good but I enjoyed dunking them in a mug of hot chocolate. My grandpa always dunked his cookies in cup of coffee and now I understand that they taste a little better with the extra punch of flavor.

I feel no need to run out and buy more but, golly, I did enjoy this batch. And now I have the tin to remind me of those happy days!

The Shadows Will Fall

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”
— Walt Whitman

The bad news about using this blog as a daily writing exercise is that I don’t always have the time to write every day. For today, here’s a pretty picture from last summer and some good advice from Mr Whitman! Enjoy!

You Can Do It

This is your Monday morning reminder that you can handle whatever life throws your way. No matter how big it may seem.

Now go do it. And if you’re interested in this big place, it’s Ash Cave in Ohio’s Hocking Hills.

Happiness Is….

Happiness is having something to look forward to. That’s especially true on Sunday nights when the temptation is to be sad the weekend is over.

I don’t watch a lot of tv but I’m addicted to All Creatures Great And Small on PBS.

Reviewers call it slow tv. I suppose because there aren’t car chases, explosions and whiplash moments of excitement in every episode.

And I’m good with that.

Instead, it’s realistic stories about likable people in charming prewar England.

This one hour program is based on the stories of James Herriot, the pen name for James Alfred Wight who was a British vet from 1940 until 1992. His writing about the people and animals he served is charming and delightful.

There was a 1978 show also called All Creatures Great And Small. This isn’t a remake or a reboot so much as a fresh telling of the old tales.

The cinematography is beautiful. I like the costumes, the accents, the oddball characters and the animals. The storytelling is top notch. The scenery is gorgeous and makes me want to hop a plane to see the English countryside.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best thing on tv. The show is in its third season but the seasons are a painfully short seven episodes. It’s British made so the new season already aired across the pond and I’m envious of my British friends who have already seen it. Although it is nice having each episode to look forward to.

Do yourself a favor and find a way to watch this show from the beginning. If you’re not addicted after a couple of episodes I’ll be surprised.

Meanwhile, it’s Sunday so don’t be offended if I ignore my phone this evening! My show is on and I’ve been looking forward to it all week.


I feel cheated.

It is winter in Ohio and we have yet to see any measurable amount of snow this year. It has been warm and rainy with sunshine mostly on days when I’m at work and unable to get out and enjoy it.

We did have a white Christmas but it didn’t last very long at all. It prettied up the landscape for a few days but now we notice the ugly dead foliage and brown grass more than ever.

This week, the forecast is for highs in the upper thirties and forties with snow showers possible one day. That’s barely cold enough for a jacket – much less my collection of cute winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves. I look forward to wearing each year.

Meanwhile, my Wyoming friend has complained that she is shoveling several inches at a time. Maybe we should trade places.


Here’s hoping February will be better.

Note: the photo used here is from last January when Old Man Winter understood the assignment.

Did We Make It?

Four day workweeks are often the hardest. In this case, it has felt like four Mondays in a row and they have been the Mondayest of all the Mondays.

I think it’s finally Friday (right??) and, for that I am grateful. Whatever day it is and wherever you are, I hope you make the best of it! The weekend is just a few hours away so be sure to enjoy that too.