Barbour County Courthouse

Welcome to the Barbour County Courthouse in Phillipi, West Virginia. They call this architectural style Richardsonian Romanesque. This was a new one for me so I had to look it up. It uses 11th and 12th century southern French, Spanish and Italian Romanesque characteristics.

It was built at the turn of the twentieth century and prominently occupies the center of town. This courthouse looks heavy and imposing, like a fortress, and it is impressive. The brownstone was quarried near Hummelstown, Pennsylvania and was shipped here by railroad. I can’t fathom how much effort was involved to do this in 1903.

My trips to Phillipi have been limited to weekends so I haven’t been inside but I’m kind of dying to do that. They performed a restoration project back in 1995 and evidently did a nice job repairing the stained glass interior dome.

Phillipi is a neat town in a beautiful area and it’s home to my favorite covered bridge in the world. Read about that one here.

If you’re ever in the vicinity, check out Phillipi and take the scenic drive down to quaint Thomas and scenic Blackwater Falls. It’s worth the trip!

This Day

Part of me says, wow, it’s Wednesday already! Part of me asks how it’s only Wednesday.

I’m in the home stretch of a big project at work and find myself experiencing time distortion. There are days when I’m so busy the hours fly by too quickly to count and others when they drag. The band Chicago asked the musical question “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is” and I’m convinced it’s about someone on deadline at work.

I badly want the week to be done and badly need to slow down the clock to allow chance to keep up.

It takes some effort but I try to appreciate each day for what it is. If it’s cold and dreary, that’s an excuse to make some hot chocolate. If it’s a great day of fun and adventure, that’s even better. If it’s midweek and I’m yearning for the weekend, I try to focus on the task at hand. After all, the fact I’m working means that I’m employed. This is important because my cat expects me to give him a good life!

Besides, it could be worse. It could be Monday! Search within your soul for something to be grateful for. This day is special and something to be cherished because you’ll never get it back again. Don’t wish it away for sunshine or free time or even Saturday.

Happy Wednesday!

Supervisor Scout

My supervisor was displeased yesterday because he wanted my attention and I was busy staring at screens all day. Three computer screens and two buzzing cell phones kept me busy when he clearly had something to say.

Look at those accusing little eyes and tell me I’m not being reprimanded!

He forgave me later in the evening when I took him flying. That’s when I carry him around while he stretches his little legs and appears to pretend he’s Superman flying off to save the day. Calvin and Hobbes have nothing on Brandi and Scout. We have incredible imaginary adventures!

Happiness Is…

Happiness is seeing a grand old building hold its own among the new. You see it a lot in cities like Columbus, Ohio where progress has mostly paved over history but a few old structures refuse to budge.

For example, downtown Columbus has a number of old churches. Here you see the Broad Street United Methodist Church living in the shadow of Encova, a boring monstrosity like so many others in our modern cities.

The church dates to 1875 and is positively gorgeous. Want to see inside? They offer a virtual tour online. Click here for that.

Maybe it’s silly but I always root for the underdog, value the historic and enjoy their successes almost as much as I would my own.

Daffodils In Snow

We awoke to a light snowfall yesterday morning. It didn’t even last till lunch but it was a lovely sight all the same.

I’m not sure these pretty little daffodils were so pleased to be blanketed in snow but it made me smile to see how bravely they stood up to it.

Isn’t that how life goes? Everything seems sunny and happy and then something harsh comes along and kills the mood for a while. Luckily, those mood killers typically don’t last forever and the sun will eventually come back.

Peddler’s Junction

A recent quick trip to Athens afforded me time to stop by the new Peddler’s Junction. This vendor mall opened in the old Elder Beeerman store earlier this month.

They have a nice variety of vendors who sell everything from guitar strings to vintage items to local art. I didn’t buy anything but found some interesting stuff.

These two pieces caught my attention. That’s an early Parkersburg Creamery milk carton and an unusually shaped glass milk bottle from Strongsville, Ohio. I had no earthly reason to own either one so I left them there for a collector to find.

There are a few booths with new decor.

Plus some great vintage stuff like this chair that’s in superb condition.

They do still have some room to grow but already have a nice selection of vendors and I wish them the best. Stop by if you’re in town. Maybe you’ll find a treasure!

Follow them on Facebook by searching Peddler’s Junction Athens.