Veterans Day

It’s hard for me to pass up vintage pictures. In fact, I have a small box of photos of strangers that I’ve picked up in antique stores and junk shops over the years.

I call them “the family.”

I mostly buy candid photos rather than portraits. Occasionally they are labeled but they typically have no names or years, no stories, and no way to identify the people in the photos.

Sometimes I buy them because the photos are cool and I simply like old photos. It also makes me sad to see them languishing in a box on the floor, unwanted and without anyone to remember them.

This 8×10 of a sailor was a dollar in Denver last year. He looks like just a kid and I’m sure he was. It’s not labeled. No name or year.

I wonder what ever happened to him. I hope he made it home. I wonder if there’s anyone left in his family to even know his name or wonder what he looked like or how smart he looked on his uniform.

Our history is teeming with stories of young men and women who joined up, generously signing that proverbial blank check to our nation. Far too many don’t ever make it home. Others do but leave a piece of themselves in far off lands, instead bringing home more trauma than anyone should have to endure.

On this Veterans Day, I hope we all will remember that.

Say thanks to a veteran in your life. Say thanks to a stranger. Be grateful to the kids like this one who you never knew. After all, they served for all of us even though they didn’t know us either.

It’s the least we can do.

At Least I Tried

The resolution of this picture isn’t great because the camera on my new phone is disappointing and the zoom is terrible. That’s putting it kindly. Still, I hope you’ll overlook that weakness and appreciate it for what it is.

I think it’s kind of cool.

And isn’t that just life? You think you’re upgrading to something better only to learn it really isn’t as good as what you already had. You try your best do something and it doesn’t work out the way you hoped. Chances are, whatever it is still has value so celebrate it anyway.

At least you tried.

And so has become my motto lately. At least I tried. If you’re reading this, please accept my congratulations. You made it to Friday! Let’s try to make it a good one!

Autumn Weekend

See it, smell it, taste it, and forget the time of day or year. Autumn needs no clock or calendar. Hal Borland

I took this quote seriously this weekend and gleefully abandoned the clock to enjoy a quiet weekend mostly at home. I have been tired lately and I believe in listening to my body when it asks me to slow down. Not to mention, it has been gloomy, cool and rainy for a few days – ideal conditions to stay inside where it’s cozy.

To quote the frightfully wise six-year-old Wednesday Addams in the original 1964 television classic The Addams Family – “It’s so nice and gloomy.”

So I lit some candles, did a few small chores and slept in two days in a row. Well, I slept in as much as Scout would allow. Mostly, I read. My goal to read 100 books in 2021 seems well beyond reach as I am a daunting seven books behind schedule.

And, of course, Scout was thrilled to have me here and a happy cat makes for a happier life. The paper sack picture was made this weekend. All of the fall pictures came from early last week.

This was just before dusk and the light was lovely in places. Here’s one more for good measure.

So, here we are back at Monday. That means different things to everyone but whatever you do today, I hope you’re kind to yourself.

No Contest

If it’s a contest, it looks like Count Chocula is winning. I spotted this display in the store last night and couldn’t resist snapping a photo. I got a sugar high just from standing there but it was a fun walk down memory lane to a time when I wanted cereal because of the characters on the box.

Ok. I still respond to great marketing and sort of wanted to buy one of these even though I don’t eat cereal. After all, the only thing scary about this trio is the nutritional content!

I have been busy running around and adventuring for the last few days but promise to get you some fresh stories about this weekend’s fun, more from the DC trip and the last two Chillicothe ghost walk stories. Stay tuned. It’s all coming soon.

Ava, Hunter and Hinslee’s Produce Stand

If you’re in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio and in need of pumpkins, mums and other outdoor fall decor, be sure to stop by Ava, Hunter and Hinslee’s Produce Stand just outside Logan.

The prices are good and the products are great quality. Plus, you’re helping a good cause. You see, the profits of this family business benefit the kids’ college funds. The kids are little and cute and it’s awesome to see a family teaching the value of hard work and saving money while learning to care for their merchandise and embrace an entrepreneurial spirit.

They had a yard full of mums of all colors when I stopped last night. However, I saw on Facebook this will be the last shipment of mums for the year. They’re four for $20, a real bargain considering their size and health.

Specialty pumpkins are eight bucks while others range in price from two to six dollars. Small gourds are a dollar each. I wanted to buy a fistful of these little guys. At .25 they were a bargain but I couldn’t think of a thing to do with them. That never stopped me from buying stuff before so that’s an unexpected regret!

They also have Indian corn and hay plus tomatoes, peppers, honey and jam. I picked up a jar of tomato jam that was made by a Lancaster company and can’t wait to try it.

They’re located at 14111 Old Mcarthur Road, Logan and are open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

There are two more things you need to know. This is a cash only business and you either need to bring exact change or be prepared to donate your change. You see, you pay by the honor system. You tally up what you have and drop your money in a tube.

There was another lady there filling up her Jeep with mums and pumpkins, joyfully picking out just the right ones. She said it was her third trip there because she likes to decorate outside for fall. Her husband would probably have a fit because she was buying more but the neighbors like it and she’s supporting a good cause.

Besides, we agreed that fall is the best season and we need to celebrate early and often. So go get you some pretty things for the porch or pick up some peppers and tomatoes for homemade salsa and help those youngsters get to college!

Click here to find them on Facebook.

Good Help Is Hard To Find

I stayed in out of the heat Saturday and did some cleaning at home. While the house isn’t perfect, it isn’t too bad now.

Unfortunately, a newly clean house is like tempting the universe to send messes your way. For example, on Sunday morning I sullied my clean kitchen floor by knocking a box of cornstarch out of the cupboard. It tumbled onto the floor and made quite the mess.

Scout was napping in another room but was awakened by the sound and came to investigate. It was all I could do to keep him out of it and he stayed for the duration to make sure I cleaned it up right.

Look at that judgmental little face.

This look says that he clearly needs to find better live-in help. I work for him after all!