Beyond Burger

A recent trip through Kroger revealed a refrigerated case full of Beyond Burger patties near the check out. I squealed like a little girl and grabbed a package to try.

I’ve had Beyond Burger in restaurants but never had the opportunity to cook it at home.

In case you’re not familiar, it is a simulated beef that contains no meat or dairy. If you eat beef every day, it may be a clear imposter. However, if you’re like me and haven’t tasted cow in a while, it’s a convincing replacement. The texture and taste are great but I will admit that it doesn’t smell quite right. It doesn’t smell bad – just not right. However, it cooks up nicely with no shrinkage and good flavor.

If you are a beef eater and are happy doing that, say no more. Do your thing. I’m not interested in pushing my choices off on anyone.

If you’re interested in eating less meat, this might be a good way to ease into it. And if you’re vegan or vegetarian like me, it’s a fun way to have something that reminds you of your old life without harming an animal or eating meat.

When I stopped eating meat some years ago, there were few faux meats worth eating. Thankfully, many advancements have been made and the options are broadening rapidly. It’s fun rolling up to Burger King for an Impossible Whopper or finding really good fake chicken tenders in the frozen food section.

This stuff is still processed and not something we should be eating every day but it’s a great treat and I highly recommend giving Beyond Burger a whirl if you’re so inclined.

Amesville Presbyterian Church

It’s fun to visit the same place during different seasons and to study how it changes. While buildings may not change, the way the light hits the building and the vegetation around it do change.

The Amesville Presbyterian Church was the subject of a blog post last year. I returned this weekend to find beautiful pink azaleas flanking the door, softening the lines and inviting you to approach. I didn’t get his picture but a black cat lazed in the shade on the sidewalk nearby.

I’ll make a mental note to go back in winter to see it with snow on the ground!

Memorial Day

There’s no better time than the present to remember that freedom isn’t free. I found this man in the far corner of a cemetery on Sunday. I don’t know his story but am grateful that there are still veterans organizations and volunteers who make sure that he is remembered.

Have a good day, friends. Let’s all take a moment to remember what Memorial Day is really about.

Happiness Is…

Happiness is a homemade meal that comes together in mere minutes. This veggie enchilada dish allowed me to use up odds and ends of yellow squash, onion, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli and spinach that might have been wasted. It took just a few minutes to prep and twenty minutes to bake!

Happiness is also homemade “Nicecream” made in the blender with just three ingredients – all of which have names you can pronounce!

Go For A Drive

Because a pretty barn deserves to be seen! This one is somewhere between Marietta and McConnelsville in Ohio and encourages the sale of Melo Crown Stogies.

Go for a drive today and see what you can see! It’ll be a hike and a drive for me and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s time to get out of the house for a little fun!

New Plymouth, Ohio

New Plymouth, Ohio was once a busy little place. Like most small towns, there were more people and businesses that have quietly been lost as times have changed.

There’s not much left today but there is still a post office, the one nod from the outside world that the place and it’s people matter.

Driving by one blue sky day, I couldn’t resist stopping to snap a picture of this old school pump outside the post office. It’s one of those scenes unique to rural America. I bet a lot of kids haven’t even seen this style before!

From A Scare To Happy Days

Scout and I had a scare a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful spring evening and I had opened the window for him to enjoy the fresh air and bird song. It’s hard to tell what happened but he somehow pushed the screen loose and tumbled out the window.

I heard it happen and was able to get to him pretty quickly. He was sitting on the ground right where he had landed, looking dazed and confused.

I live in a rural area, surrounded by woods, but the road is busy. Any direction he could run would be dangerous for a cat that has been inside since he was a tiny tot.

He’s fine but we’re both a bit traumatized. I avoid opening any windows and he avoids sitting in that one in particular!

We made a little trip Saturday to the Humane Society in a neighboring county. They were micro chipping pets in a clinic for just $25. So Scout now has a tiny chip in the back of his neck that connects him to some important information including my name and phone number.

If we’re ever separated and he’s taken to a shelter or vet, they’ll check him for a chip and be able to return him to me. He has a nice collar and ID tag but pets are pretty good at slipping collars.

I tell you all that to tell you this.

If you ever find a stray animal, take it somewhere to have it checked for a chip. There could be someone out there desperate to find their pet and that chip is their lifeline to being reunited.

So Scout made new friends at the Humane Society. They told him he was a beautiful boy, he enjoyed chin scratches, and he even got a treat. On the trip home, he napped with his mousie and was ready to help with chores when we got back.

He’s pictured above supervising the changing of bed sheets. His quality control inspection slowed down the process but I didn’t have the heart to make him move. He rolled around in those dirty sheets for a few minutes before taking a cat nap.

We were both home together and all was right with the world.