Eldean Covered Bridge

Last summer I took my parents on a road trip to Piqua, Ohio. We were headed down a state route when everyone simultaneously exclaimed “covered bridge!”

I made a quick left turn and we took a closer look at the 1860 covered bridge.

At 224 feet long, it’s the longest surviving long truss bridge in the country and it spans the Great Miami River. Today the bridge is a National Historic Landmark that is open to pedestrians and cars.

There’s a small park adjacent to the bridge.

When you drive through a covered bridge, be sure to roll down the windows and turn down the music so you can hear your modern wheels bump over the wood floor.

Tale a deep breath and absorb the smell of history. It’s a rare treat for many so don’t take it for granted.

All Aboard At Fulton Farm Market

Did you see the story last week about Fulton Farm Market? Here’s another fun thing to see while you’re there!

It would make a great prop for fall family pictures. Did you miss that story? Click here.

Fulton Farms

One fun thing about farm country is that you often find roadside produce stands. Fulton Farm Market near Troy, Ohio isn’t just a roadside market but a real destination.

This market is housed in a century old barn and is the retail side of locally owned Fulton Farms. Here you’ll find all sorts of organic produce including beans, peppers, melons, sweet corn, berries, broccoli and pumpkins.

They also sell countless goodies to go with your produce. Display shelves are packed with jams, jellies, salsa, marinades and pickles. Plus you’ll find cheese, milk, baked goods, mixes for canning projects, and old fashioned pop in glass bottles.

There are some seasonal gift items and candies too.

Did I mention the fun stuff to look at like antique tractor seats inside the barn and this fantastic truck outside?

They have a greenhouse and some annual events like a sweet corn festival in August and hay rides when you pick out your Christmas tree in December.

We didn’t dwell here as it was getting late and we had other things to do but this is a prime example of why you sometimes need to leave the interstate behind and see what the world has to offer.

Troy is a bit of a journey from my home in southern Ohio but it would make a fun little day trip if you’re just looking to get out of the house for a drive and some socially distanced fun.

You can get their address and hours from their website.