Moab Door

Moab, Utah is a town of interesting sights. This door drew my eye every time we passed by so I had to stop for a picture. I’m a sucker for a good door but this one is wonderful. Look at the wear on the wood!

If you’ve never been, Moab is a charming town surrounded by some of this country’s most beautiful scenery.

Frankfort Presbyterian Church

a presbyterian church in frankfort (4).JPG

This Presbyterian Church in Frankfort, Ohio is one of several interesting things I photographed in the village one summer morning last year.

It features some of my favorite things – including these beautiful doors.

a presbyterian church in frankfort (3)

And these gorgeous stained glass windows. Notice the angels are African American. That’s not something you see every day in southern Ohio. Aren’t they spectacular?

a presbyterian church in frankfort (1)

Churches often have the most stunning architectural features and works of art. I would love to see inside this one someday. People were gathering for a funeral across the street that day so I didn’t linger long but am contemplating returning for a service someday. The windows illuminated at night would be worth the trip.




Looks Like Fall

I snapped this with my phone in downtown Chillicothe after having dinner with a friend last week.

Something about the light and shadows that evening made me think of fall. It was actually cool all day, a welcome reminder that fall isn’t too far away.

Incidentally, does anyone know what kind of tree that is? Tell me in the comments if you know.

Doors of Marietta

One of the best things about being on foot is that you notice things you would miss from a car. I love to park my car and just wander around a town – even one that I know well – looking for things that interest me.

I visit Marietta several times a year, usually to antique or to see a show, but walking around with my camera is fun sometimes too. I’m sort of obsessed with doors so it comes as no surprise that I produced a substantial amount of door pictures this last trip.

Here are a few.

Is there something you always seek out? Sometimes I feel like a broken record, looking at all my door pictures, but I really don’t care. A good door makes me happy.