A Smashed Peep (and some other stuff)

I ran away for a long lunch Thursday. Basking in the sunshine and walking the bike path at a favorite park felt like the epitome of freedom. Everything is COVID closed but you can still walk and drive around the lake.

This car turned my head.

And I went back for a closer look at these Peep bunnies, clearly run over by something. That’s not something you see every day and I liked the pink against the asphalt!

It was gorgeous out so I was sad to go home and resume working. But opening the window in the room where I work to let Scout enjoy the fresh air made the afternoon pass quickly. This picture was taken before the window was open but you get the idea.

He was a happy boy and I was thrilled for the fresh breeze and chatter of birds nearby.

My world has become very small and familiar. While this isn’t ideal, it is sort of fun to look more closely at your surroundings and seek out the details you might not ordinarily appreciate or even notice as close as your own home. Take a look around. You never know what you might find.

Birds With Attitude


Cardinals always look angry to me. Like they’re yelling at someone who didn’t use a turn signal or who insists on expressing an opinion about a political story they didn’t actually read. It’s hard to tell what a bird is thinking but I’m pretty sure that Cardinals are the Archie Bunkers of the bird kingdom!




Nonetheless, they are awfully pretty!

Bird Feeder Fun

Scout’s birthday gift has provided him with hours of entertainment. I need to wash my windows but I’ve been able to grab a few snapshots of some of his birdies, as we call them. Here are a few from yesterday at dinner time.

Imperfectly Perfect

glass press

This is the kind of thing that would have once left me frustrated beyond words. The building pictured above features fantastic art against nice brick that begs to be photographed.

But look at it. There is no good angle to shoot from because of a ridiculous amount of utility lines coming and going from every direction and at every height.

There are fewer to be seen from the other side but it’s still enough to be distracting.

This once would have made me nuts. I used to strive for clean pictures, free of people, cars and distractions at all costs.

But I’ve reached a mental place where it has suddenly become important to me that pictures not be perfect and instead record the real scene. Documentary photography is more my thing these days even though most of those pictures don’t make the cut here.

My favorite historical pictures aren’t the ones that only show the building. Instead, the ones that give clues are the best. Street signs, power lines, cars, and people all help to root a picture in an era or even a year. I study the names of businesses in old photos like I’m going to go shop there in a bit. Utilitarian pieces like traffic lights and electric lines can help with dating and I’m fascinated by how people used to dress.

What’s the point of a perfect picture of a lovely church if you don’t know where it’s located or when the photo was made?

Not to mention, there are times and places where you literally can’t capture an image without people walking through the frame or cars parked out front. Sometimes it’s better to bend into the problem and appreciate it for what it’s worth rather than fuss because the problem exists.

That’s not to say that I like having all these lines in the picture but I have come to accept that all things cannot be perfect and that sometimes imperfections lend something useful like character or context.

Where Does Your Road Lead?

Where will the road take you today? Mine won’t be taking me down a country lane but it should be a good day anyway.

Whatever you’re doing, I hope you enjoy it!

My Wish

My wish is that I never become so busy or cynical that I don’t stop to appreciate the dawn of a new day.

I also hope to always smile when I see the silhouette of a deer grazing against the first rays of light on a cold morning.

If you see a pretty sky, pause a moment to enjoy it. Take in some fresh air and smile.

It’s a new day.

The Car


On Monday I shared a picture of a cool hood ornament. A few folks asked about the car attached to that hood ornament and I luckily had a picture to share!

It’s from a 1930 Model A that I admired at a local event last year. A regional Model A Club was giving rides and, while this isn’t the car I rode in, it’s pretty fantastic.

By the way, my very smart dad tells me that the hood ornament on this car is a radiator cap. Beautiful and useful too!