Tree Doors

Doors capture my attention everywhere I go. Fancy or plain, it makes no difference. While I notice and photograph doors often, these are the most unusual ones I’ve had the pleasure to see in person.

You’ll find them on the entrances at Aullwood Arboretum near Dayton. I wrote about it this fall when I visited the forest giants (or trolls) that were created by artist Thomas Dambo. You can read that story here.

It’s a beautiful trail system with a nice nature center that I imagine is lovely to visit all year. It was especially pretty in the fall and I’m scheming to see it in snow this winter.

Meanwhile, if you visit, pay attention to the doors when you enter. They’re pretty fabulous.

Favorite Trees And Fading Sunset

We have enjoyed a long run of gorgeous fall days. That all ends today when it turns rainy and cooler. Tomorrow will be rainy and cold, ushering in what appears to be a long patch of cooler days and cold nights.

The rain isn’t so thrilling but it’s hard to get excited about the impending holidays when it’s 68 degrees and sunny. So I’m kind of excited to see the mercury drop and maybe stop being such a grinch. All the same, I took advantage of yesterday’s sunshine with a short walk after work at Kinnikinnick Fen near Chillicothe. I have favorite trees everywhere I go and the picture above shows one of them at the Fen.

When I came home last night, the western sky was aglow with the remnants of sunset. You can see in the silhouette that the trees have lost their leaves. These are some of my favorite trees here at home – with or without their foliage.

It was a remarkable end to the day and to this streak of fine fall days. Better pack your umbrella and put on those galoshes if you’re out and about today. You will need them!

Tree Down After A Storm

My favorite tree at Lake Alma didn’t survive the storm last week. It was there just before the storm began Thursday as I scurried around the island before thunderstorms and possible tornadoes moved into the area.

Sadly, it was down yesterday morning, literally pulled up by the roots and lying in the water.

It was a sad sight.

I have favorite things in lots of places I visit regularly. Favorite trees, rocks, patches of trillium and vistas top the list of things I look forward to with each visit to familiar places. This tree was like an old friend, one that provided shade and comfort and had great character.

It’s probably silly to mourn a tree but it brought me great joy over the years. I feel like it deserves a moment of silence and gratitude for its contribution to my life.

Whispering Tree

This tree in the Hocking Hills State Park here in Ohio always captures my imagination. Doesn’t it look like it’s uprooting itself and starting to walk away?

It reminds me of this line that was written by J.R.R. Tolkien in his popular novel The Fellowship of the Rings

“I thought all the trees were whispering to each other, passing news and plots along in an unintelligible language; and the branches swayed and groped without any wind. They do say the trees do actually move, and can surround strangers and hem them.”

It’s a fantastical idea that a tree could whisper and move and I am quite taken with the idea that this one is trying. It’s silly, I know, but sometimes a gal just needs to believe in a little magic!

Snow In Black And White

Snow begs to be preserved in black and white. Sometimes I wonder why I feel compelled to rob a perfectly fine picture of its color but there’s peace and serenity to be found in these images from home.

These small trees in my back yard remind me some of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. Perhaps this is why I like them so. They’re underdogs.

And the giant in my front yard that I often photograph in snow, rain, sunshine, sunrise and dusk. It seems even more imposing here than it does in any other photo in my collection.

When it snows I frequent the same spots around my yard but am often amazed at how appearances change in different light, with different snow.

Black and white transforms these scenes into something completely different. This snow from Christmas is long gone but I look forward to the next snow and the opportunities afforded to my camera.