Road Tripping Red

Both Friday and Saturday allowed some free time for backroads wandering. These two days resulted in some wonderful memories and good fodder to share here. I wanted to start with this series of images.

This car was parked outside an establishment near Athens and I couldn’t resist whipping in for some pictures!

Check out the rocket lights!

And of course the fuzzy dice and hula girl!

Imagine road tripping in this beast! Remember what I said last month about red things? There was a similar car in the same parking lot but it was a different, sort of gold color. I didn’t even give it a second look but this flashy red left me practically drooling!

Who knows what kind of car this is?

Happiness Is…

Happiness is driving down the road with no one behind you and slamming on the brakes at the sight of something intriguing.

I always know what’s behind me and am constantly on the lookout for someplace to pull over or turn around!

I’m not sure what this building was but it appears to be an old school. It’s located on Little Creek Road just outside Frankfort and it is for sale.

Friends, if I ever win the lottery, I wouldn’t buy a mansion in an exclusive neighborhood. I would buy an old building like this and transform it into something fabulous. Although, what little I know about remodeling old structures, you would probably need to win the lottery to properly transform and maintain a place like this… but I digress.

Isn’t it charming?

The windows are especially lovely. Sadly, it’s located right next door to 35 Raceway so it might not be the most peaceful place to live – on the weekends, at least.

What’s your happiness today?

New Hope Free Will Baptist Church

New Hope Free Will Baptist Church can be found on Route 50 just outside Chillicothe, Ohio. There’s a lot of visual clutter in the vicinity but nothing can take away from the beauty of this house of worship.

Look at the details.

And, of course, we all know how much I love a good door.

These doors and the trim around them are amazing. The church dates to 1893, a period when we still built things to last and that are special.

They do still have services here, according to the sign out front. If you’re in the area I’m sure they would love a guest.

A Flighty Lawn Ornament

In Hillsboro, Ohio motorists will find an unusual sight along US Route 62. It’s a seaplane mounted to a pole in someone’s front yard. The way it’s positioned, it looks like the darn thing is about to take off from the corner of the yard, right over the busy city street.

Some people decorate with flamingos and garden gnomes but these folks have outdone the entire neighborhood. I love it! In fact, I now want a plane for my own yard! Ha, ha.

That street is quite busy but you can park at the bowling alley next door.

Keep your eyes peeled, folks! You never know what you might find and that’s part of the adventure!

A Coca Cola Surprise

Yesterday was a meandering day. I’ll share some of those pictures this week but here’s something small for now. You can be sure I slammed on the brakes when I spotted this Coca Cola advertisement in Greenfield, Ohio.

It’s a narrow space between the buildings and you just see a sliver until you’re right up on it.

The brick is amazing.

Things like this keep me on the road, meandering across rural America and through small towns, seeking the old and unique things that make these places special.

I hope I never lose that sense of curiosity and awe about the world around me.

Seeing Red

The color red draws me in like a moth to flame. This is never more apparent than when scrolling through my camera roll after an antiquing trip.

The day I found the lunchboxes, I also found this adorable kiddie tractor.

Nifty wall art, reproduction but cute for a kitchen.

This fabulous red typewriter that I badly wanted. It’s the sort of typewriter that great novels should be written on!

A great Coca Cola cooler.

And an even better Coke machine.

Of course, I bought none of these things but they made for great study during my little field trip.

Is there a color or a type of object that catches your eye?