Birds Of A Feather

This pair of Finches periodically appear at the bird feeder. Isn’t this a great sequence?

These images were made in just a minute or so one morning and I got a kick out of their body language and expressions.

Bird watching is one of the best hobbies because it costs no money and provides hours of entertainment. Personally, I just watch the birds at my feeders and look for them on hikes but you can devote as much time as you like.

There are plenty of field guides, websites and apps to help you get started. I have a book but also use a free phone app where I upload my own pictures for identification.

You also may be happy just watching them for their beauty and antics!


Yesterday was an adventure day! It was almost like old times, leaving early for a hike at a local state park before setting out on a drive. The journey was the destination and it didn’t disappoint. On this warm and blue sky day you wouldn’t know that much of our country is on fire both physically and metaphorically or that a pandemic continues to move through our communities.

I have several pictures and a few stories to tell from the journey. Look for those in the future.

Here’s one more to brighten your day. This is the tiny town of Shawnee, Ohio.

I plan to spend today catching up on chores and will do some things that are good for my health. I hope you enjoy yours too.

Black And White To The Rescue

As much as I enjoy color photography, the best way to rescue a mediocre picture is by changing it to black and white.

There was nothing pretty about this cold day last March but I really appreciated these structures that are close together in the Morgan County, Ohio countryside.

I think black and white saved the day!

Go For A Drive

Because a pretty barn deserves to be seen! This one is somewhere between Marietta and McConnelsville in Ohio and encourages the sale of Melo Crown Stogies.

Go for a drive today and see what you can see! It’ll be a hike and a drive for me and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s time to get out of the house for a little fun!

Checking Off The Bucket List At Uncle Buck’s

I checked off one of my Post Covid Bucket List items with a trail ride at Uncle Buck’s Riding Stable.

Once upon a time, I was the marketing director for my community and often sent visitors to Uncle Buck’s but somehow never made it out for a ride.

This was my first time on a horse and I’m sure it wasn’t very pretty but our guides were patient and super to give clear, helpful guidance.

We took a trail through the beautiful Zaleski State Forest to the infamous and possibly haunted Moonville Tunnel. The trail weaves through peaceful forest and is simply lovely.

I’m a hiker but it was fun to see the woods from a different perspective.

My horse was gentle and so familiar with the trail I’m sure she wished I would just relax and let her do her job.

That’s hard for a control freak like myself.

It’s hard for me to be a passenger in a car or to watch while someone else does something I know how to do. I fight those tendencies but it’s hard to squelch those control issues.

It was unfamiliar territory being on an animal that I didn’t really know how to control or communicate with. Adding in my timidness about handling her because I didn’t want to hurt her created a sort of bad combination but things worked out anyway. It’s probably a kind of personal growth that I’m able to acknowledge not doing something well and being ok with it.

I would absolutely go back to Uncle Buck’s and maybe next time feel better equipped. At this point, I’m just grateful that I didn’t fall off given that I’m neither graceful nor coordinated!

I do almost everything by myself but was glad to be there with friendly company. I was with a friend, her niece and another friend. None of us cared about being uncoordinated and silly in front of each other and that made it easier.

Want to take a trail ride at Uncle Buck’s? I hope you will! They’re great folks who provide a fun service for all ages.

They’re a seasonal business that has lost a couple of months worth of income. Let’s help them catch up! Visit them online for details. You can also find them on Facebook.

If not this small business, look around your community for small businesses that you can support. Remember that those big box stores and many online retailers have been making money hand over fist during the pandemic. They’re doing great. The chain restaurants will survive. The conglomerates will be fine.

The mom and pop stores, restaurants and service providers need you. They need all of us. Let’s give ’em some business! Have a favorite small business you want to support? Tell me about it!