No Winter Lasts Forever

No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn. Hal Borland

This was the view from my window early yesterday morning. While I will be happy for spring wildflowers, hikes and sunny adventure days, I’m equally happy to hold onto winter a bit longer.

We received about six inches of snow Friday night. Saturday was cold and windy and best spent indoors. It was nice cozying up in bed with my book and cat to luxuriate in the knowledge that our muddy brown landscape is again blanketed in something truly beautiful.

I did venture out for a bit to get my hair done but was quite happy to return home to make a good dinner and spend the evening on the couch watching a movie with Scout.

Of course, I do live in Ohio and this is actually the time of year we can experience all four seasons in a span of days. It will be in the fifties on Monday and in the seventies again by Thursday. It’s hard to tell what the following week will bring.

There’s something to be said for simply enjoying whatever this day brings and to remember that no season lasts forever. Every day is a gift and should be treated as such – even if you do think the weather is crazy!


Yesterday was cold but sunny so I stopped for a walk on my way home after work. Truth be told, I was ill prepared for the elements in my dress pants and coat but I strapped on my walking shoes and braved the cold wind anyway. My feet hurt, I was tired and hungry but it felt amazing to stretch my limbs and move.

Aside from a few teenagers starting their spring training and some folks driving by, I had the lake to myself.

I have learned many times over that we may wait forever if we wait for conditions to be ideal. If something is important you have to go after it even when things aren’t perfect.

Perfection is overrated anyway

The sun was setting when I arrived home and it was becoming colder by the minute. However, the light grew golden and enchanting, enticing me back out into the cold for one last picture of the day.

Isn’t it beautiful? Happy Tuesday, friends. Go do the thing that will make you happy- even if conditions aren’t perfect. There will never be a time better than today.

Encapsulated In Ice

Southern Ohio was on the receiving end of a nasty ice storm this week. I like a good snowfall but ice is treacherous and heavy, causing tree damage and it downed power lines across a huge swath of the state.

As a remote worker I was fortunate to keep power and still do my job. I also tried to keep my outdoor friends fed and went out after work last night to get a closer look at the ice.

The images above are from my outdoor expedition. The ones below I grabbed from my office window of some creatures that come to Scout’s bird feeder.

He’s not a bird but he’s hungry and Scout is fascinated by squirrels so we are happy to feed him and several others.

And here’s one of an actual bird!

It’s times like these that I’m especially grateful for my cozy home, my house panther and for the fact my remote work status alleviates the worry of travel most days. I’m also grateful for electricity and central heat!

Be careful today if you’re out running around!!

Around Here

Around here, it has been cold and snowy. I have been enjoying hibernation, trying to balance relaxation with tending to my own health and wellness.

I have been taking the easy way out where dinner is concerned. This bag of stir fry is a step up from the egg sandwich and fistful of chocolate I would rather be eating when I’m cold and tired.

This book has been keeping my mind engaged.

As always, Scout keeps me on my toes.

I joined in a free art history webinar the other day and got a nice overview of the progression of early art through the Impressionists who happen to be my favorite artists.

This is a famous Claude Monet painting that I was lucky to see in Washington DC last year.

The webinar instructor had a down to earth approach to art and a wonderful ability to simplify big topics. If I had hundreds of extra dollars I would sign up for a paying course she offers on the Impressionists. She gave voice to what I have long felt but didn’t understand about these lovely works of art. I’ll talk about that another day.

For now, I’m trying to find a balance between work and home, self care and doing as I please, healthy skepticism and unhealthy mental ruts.

Winter is a time of hibernation. We recede into our homes as animals take to their dens. Even the hardiest of plants conserve their energy and rest in anticipation of brighter days ahead. Aside from a few walks, I have been happily hibernating and wondering what kind of rebirth might accompany the arrival of spring.

Around here, life is pretty good these days


Yesterday was sunny and beautiful with blue skies and 26 degree temperatures that the weather app said felt like 19. Luckily, that little chill in the air didn’t deter me from heading out for a walk at a local state park.

I mean, what’s a little cold when it’s such a pretty day?

The wind off the lake was frigid and it was mostly me, the Canada Geese and a few other hardy souls out soaking up as much Vitamin D as you can absorb through a hat and three layers of clothing.

If I were working from the office, I would likely be swinging by the lake after work at least some nights to squeeze in a walk. Unfortunately, in my work from home routine, it’s hard to pry me out of the house on a cold day save for feeding the birds. That’s only because they sit on their empty feeder and stare at me sitting at my desk until I do something about it.

While I didn’t cherish the thought of going out in the freezing cold, I relished every moment of my three mile walk and realized that I haven’t smiled so much in ages.

I need to do that more often.

Do more of what makes you smile, friends. I promise you won’t regret it.

A Time To Recover

Winter is a season of recovery in my world. It’s when I slow down and rest. I stop running around and enjoy the art of hibernation. It’s when I enjoy the quiet and recover from months of adventure and work alike.

Today I will do just that and hope that you find some peace today as well. Happy Winter Saturday.