Hood Ornaments

Why don’t cars have hood ornaments anymore?

Modern cars are almost indistinguishable – sort of like manufacturers are afraid to make a car you might actually remember.

Hood ornaments would go a long way toward making cars look special again!

Who knows what kind of car this was on?

Road Trip to the Henry Ford Museum

My last road trip of the year took me to Detroit to visit the Henry Ford Museum. This museum of innovation features all sorts of things I love – artifacts from history, cars, planes, trains, machinery, furniture, dollhouses…. the list goes on and on.

This was not my favorite road trip but this museum is incredible, making it all worthwhile. I’m going to tell you about a few special exhibits in the coming days but for today I’ll leave you with a handful of pictures.

That last picture is of a train snow plow from Canada. That’s right friends – this museum is so big it has a set of railroad tracks to accommodate a collection of trains. Not to mention the airplanes hanging from the ceiling and the acres of other cool stuff at ground level.

Check back tomorrow. There are stories to tell.


A car show in logan (2)A car show in logan (3)IMG_3173

A search for a different picture turned up these photos from a recent car show. Yellow isn’t my favorite car color but, in this case, it works! Notice my self portrait in the second picture? I’m incapable of walking past a shiny object without taking my own picture.

Car shows are rich in people watching opportunities and the only place you can just walk up to someone’s car and ogle it without worry. It’s also a great place to play with your camera because lots of people are taking pictures and there’s a lot to look at!

Give it a whirl sometime!


Classic Cars

Is there anything more spectacular then the curves and the details of a classic car? Have you noticed how special most classic cars are compared to our modern vehicles? Really, what happened to the hood ornament anyway?

Have a look!


PS: I don’t care what anyone says – the Edsel was at least recognizable!