In The Wild

Spotting old vehicles in the wild is one of the world’s great gifts. This old Ford was parked outside a business in Millersburg, Ohio last fall. There was some stuff in the bed that made me think that it’s someone’s daily driver and the very idea made me even happier.

I can’t help but wonder how many generations of people have sat behind the wheel and what all it has seen. It’s nice to see old vehicles restored to be showpieces but there’s something to be said for using them as they were intended. I’m glad to see this one still out puttering around town.


I took a long stroll around Chillicothe’s Yoctangee Park one afternoon earlier this year. There had been a car show in town that day and there were a number of classics cruising through the downtown area.

Seeing them at a car show is terrific but spotting them out in the wind is amazing. So I was delighted see one pull up behind me at a traffic light. Just as I went to snap the picture in my review mirror — this happened!

Two classics of different eras in the rearview of my modern car! Perfect!

Picnic With A View

After hiking at Blackwater Falls and sightseeing at Seneca Rocks, we drove back roads to Phillipi, West Virginia to admire my favorite covered bridge. You can read about the Phillipi Covered Bridge here.

We lucked out and got to see about a half dozen classic cars drive through.

Then we went over to the Sheetz next door to order sandwiches for a picnic overlooking the bridge. I savored my veggie sub and fried pickles in the cool mountain air and admired the fabulous bridge that has been around longer than West Virginia has been a state.

Not a bad ending to a fantastic day.

Elvis and a Classic Mustang

Yesterday found me hiding from the heat in the movie theater. My cousin Sherrie and I took in a matinee showing of “Elvis” and enjoyed two hours and 39 minutes of escapism from this crazy world we call home.

The movie was excellent and gets two thumbs up from me. Tom Hanks was great as Colonel Tom Parker and Austin Butler made an exceptional King of Rock and Roll. In all, it’s a fresh take on a heartbreaking story and would both watch it again and recommend it.

We found this classic Mustang parked next to us after the movie.

Notice the front plate. Always on my mind.

It was shiny and immaculate.

Spotting classic cars out in the wild is one of my favorite things and this one was the perfect end to my Elvis experience!

Overlook The Wrinkles

The owner of this 1960 Thunderbird has a sense of humor. Can you read the sign?

The car is sharp and I didn’t notice any wrinkles. It was one of many beautiful and sometimes unusual vehicles entered in the Feast of the Flowering Moon car show last month. I’ll show you more pictures from that Chillicothe, Ohio event soon.