Yesterday was cold but sunny so I stopped for a walk on my way home after work. Truth be told, I was ill prepared for the elements in my dress pants and coat but I strapped on my walking shoes and braved the cold wind anyway. My feet hurt, I was tired and hungry but it felt amazing to stretch my limbs and move.

Aside from a few teenagers starting their spring training and some folks driving by, I had the lake to myself.

I have learned many times over that we may wait forever if we wait for conditions to be ideal. If something is important you have to go after it even when things aren’t perfect.

Perfection is overrated anyway

The sun was setting when I arrived home and it was becoming colder by the minute. However, the light grew golden and enchanting, enticing me back out into the cold for one last picture of the day.

Isn’t it beautiful? Happy Tuesday, friends. Go do the thing that will make you happy- even if conditions aren’t perfect. There will never be a time better than today.

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