That Look

This is the look I get when Scout catches me writing something with a pen. He hates the sound of a pen to paper.

This is actually the warning look just before he starts tugging on my clothes, arms, hands – anything he can get his paws on. See the murder mittens? He knows how to use them!

I don’t understand his aversion to pens . Yes, it makes a scratching noise but he never seemed to care when he was small. Maybe it developed when I began working remotely during Covid? Too much time together? I don’t know but he will rouse himself from a deep slumber in another room to stop the madness if I write for too long.

He’s a peculiar little guy and quite set in his ways. All I know is that life is never dull around here!

6 thoughts on “That Look

  1. That is so funny about Scout! Marilyn is the same way with the telephone. HATES when I’m on the phone. Hates hearing the phone ring. Hates hearing a phone ring on a TV show or in a movie. Knows the difference between me talking out loud to myself and talking to someone on the phone, even if I’m using headphones so she doesn’t hear the person on the other end of the line.

    We love our silly kitties!

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