That Look

This is the look I get when Scout catches me writing something with a pen. He hates the sound of a pen to paper.

This is actually the warning look just before he starts tugging on my clothes, arms, hands – anything he can get his paws on. See the murder mittens? He knows how to use them!

I don’t understand his aversion to pens . Yes, it makes a scratching noise but he never seemed to care when he was small. Maybe it developed when I began working remotely during Covid? Too much time together? I don’t know but he will rouse himself from a deep slumber in another room to stop the madness if I write for too long.

He’s a peculiar little guy and quite set in his ways. All I know is that life is never dull around here!

Happy Halloween!

Greetings from Scout! As if a black cat isn’t already pretty cool on Halloween, I sometimes call him Batcat.

Here he is all dolled up for the holiday in his bat wings.

I especially like the clasp at his throat.

Truth be told, Scout hates wearing costumes. He luckily has a great imagination and I suspect he thinks he’s a bat every time he bares his little fangs.

Happy Halloween!

Pets When We Travel

Poor little Scout doesn’t cope well when I travel or am gone for long stretches of time. When I rescued him as a kitten, I envisioned traveling together some. It quickly became clear that he is not an adventure cat.

So he stays home while I adventure and my parents come visit twice a day to feed and play with him. He mostly does well for them but he’s happier with me in the house.

When I came home Monday night, he purred as he let me pack him around the house like a sack of flour. He eventually wanted down so he could follow me around. He never let me out of his sight and spent most of the evening flexing his claws. Look closely at the above picture and you’ll see my little house panther baring his very sharp claws.

A few days later and he’s still clingy. I have left home for work twice this week and both days he has followed me around with worried eyes while I got ready to go. I feel sorry for the poor guy but life goes on and I sometimes have to leave.

It’s hard for us to remember that while our pets are a part of our world, we are their entire world. I am grateful to have this funny, opinionated, smart little soul to come home to after an adventure.

Cat In A Bag

Scout knows that seeing my work bag come out is bad news. It’s a sign that he’s about to be abandoned.

He doesn’t know and probably doesn’t care where I go when I leave but he does know that he will be sad. In this moment, he was pulling pens and a notebook out of the bag and seemed to be contemplating stuffing himself inside.

Maybe he thinks he’ll go with me someday.

Luckily, he doesn’t have to worry about that today. It’s Sunday and that means we’re home to do some chores, rest and recharge for the week ahead.

Enjoy your day, friends.

Just This Spot

Scout usually gets treats whenever I leave home for several hours. But he has developed this odd quirk- he wants to eat them like this.

Just like this.

They have to be on this level and this corner of the climbing tree and he has to stand on the window sill to enjoy them. You can’t put them on the floor and he doesn’t appreciate having them left on any other place on the tree.

Just this spot. Please and thank you.

That’s the thing about cats. They are creatures of habit and they are persuasive in teaching their humans how to perform to suit them.


He’s had a rough couple of weeks. I have been gone more than normal lately and his separation anxiety has been bad. Most cats aren’t quite so clingy toward their humans but Scout seems to think my job is to always be available to him. The simple act of going to the mailbox leaves him terrified and usually results in him following me closely for a few hours.

We forget that, while they are a part of our lives, we often are the entire world for our pets.