That Look

This is the look I get when Scout catches me writing something with a pen. He hates the sound of a pen to paper.

This is actually the warning look just before he starts tugging on my clothes, arms, hands – anything he can get his paws on. See the murder mittens? He knows how to use them!

I don’t understand his aversion to pens . Yes, it makes a scratching noise but he never seemed to care when he was small. Maybe it developed when I began working remotely during Covid? Too much time together? I don’t know but he will rouse himself from a deep slumber in another room to stop the madness if I write for too long.

He’s a peculiar little guy and quite set in his ways. All I know is that life is never dull around here!

Every Day Except Today

This is a magnet bought while out adventuring yesterday. I don’t enjoy a lot of refrigerator clutter but this spoke to me and seemed like a good investment for just a few bucks.

Today it’s raining and gloomy in this corner of the world, and while I could seek adventure in the rain, it’s a great day for some chores and perhaps a movie later.

So, to recap: Every day IS a new adventure …. except today. Today I stay home and do regular stuff!

What are you up to this soggy Saturday?