Cat In A Bag

Scout knows that seeing my work bag come out is bad news. It’s a sign that he’s about to be abandoned.

He doesn’t know and probably doesn’t care where I go when I leave but he does know that he will be sad. In this moment, he was pulling pens and a notebook out of the bag and seemed to be contemplating stuffing himself inside.

Maybe he thinks he’ll go with me someday.

Luckily, he doesn’t have to worry about that today. It’s Sunday and that means we’re home to do some chores, rest and recharge for the week ahead.

Enjoy your day, friends.

Just This Spot

Scout usually gets treats whenever I leave home for several hours. But he has developed this odd quirk- he wants to eat them like this.

Just like this.

They have to be on this level and this corner of the climbing tree and he has to stand on the window sill to enjoy them. You can’t put them on the floor and he doesn’t appreciate having them left on any other place on the tree.

Just this spot. Please and thank you.

That’s the thing about cats. They are creatures of habit and they are persuasive in teaching their humans how to perform to suit them.

After The Storm

We had some excitement last night, waiting for severe weather to move through the area. We were under a tornado watch for most of the evening until it got ramped up to a tornado warning.

Everything turned out fine where I live but it sounds like a tornado touched down in an area where I often hike and where I had intended to hike last night.

When my phone started buzzing with notice to take cover, I packed up Scout in his backpack carrier and we headed to my parents house where I spent the evening in a small bathroom with my folks, a German Shepherd named Fritz, and Scout’s carrier strapped to me while I relaxed in the bathtub.

Fritz and Scout didn’t understand what was happening but they were troopers. The other three cats who live with my parents hid out under the bed.

As of this writing, I’m unclear as to the damage elsewhere but the power outage map is pretty comprehensive.

Since I tend to find humor at inappropriate moments, I’ll tell you that I had to giggle at one point. I went to meet a tornado dressed in hiking clothes and a sun hat with my cat and a big purse filled with snacks, water, a book and my journal.

Clearly, my priorities are straight. At least I had a book and cat.

When the tornado warning was downgraded to a severe thunderstorm warning, Scout and I headed home to our dark house. While we don’t know how long the power will be out, I was happy to just have a home to return to when others may not be so lucky.

It was then that I saw a good omen- a rainbow so large I couldn’t capture it all in one photo.

Here’s one more look.

What’s the old saying? Don’t fear the storm for the rainbow’s never far behind.


He’s had a rough couple of weeks. I have been gone more than normal lately and his separation anxiety has been bad. Most cats aren’t quite so clingy toward their humans but Scout seems to think my job is to always be available to him. The simple act of going to the mailbox leaves him terrified and usually results in him following me closely for a few hours.

We forget that, while they are a part of our lives, we often are the entire world for our pets.

When You Get Tired

When you get tired, learn to rest, not quit. I read this statement somewhere once and it really resonated.

I’m in a place right now that I badly need the reminder. Balancing everything everywhere is starting to resemble a plate spinning act on the Ed Sullivan Show. Forgive me while I regroup, rest when necessary and try to get back into a consistent writing schedule.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of Scout practicing what I preach. He very wisely never misses a nap!

Supervisor Scout

My supervisor was displeased yesterday because he wanted my attention and I was busy staring at screens all day. Three computer screens and two buzzing cell phones kept me busy when he clearly had something to say.

Look at those accusing little eyes and tell me I’m not being reprimanded!

He forgave me later in the evening when I took him flying. That’s when I carry him around while he stretches his little legs and appears to pretend he’s Superman flying off to save the day. Calvin and Hobbes have nothing on Brandi and Scout. We have incredible imaginary adventures!