Look at that judgmental little face. His name is Cinder and he’s one of the little strays my parents took in a couple of years ago. He and his two brothers are spoiled little boys who have trained my parents well.

Oh, if only cats could talk. It would be nice to know what he was thinking!

Under The Weather

Scout has been under the weather for the last couple of days. He’s much better now but still a little quiet.

Pets are like small toddlers. They are expressive but can’t talk so you know they’re sick, stressed or generally upset but they can’t articulate the problems.

When he’s sick, Scout is short tempered and disagreeable. He wants held but he doesn’t want held. All he really wants is for me to sit in our comfy chair so he can sleep next to me.

I’m grateful that he’s improved but will continue to sit in the comfy chair as much as I can. If that’s where he rests best, what better medicine can there be?

Back To Reality

If anyone enjoys my Christmas vacation more than me, it’s this guy right here. Scout loves the days that I stay home and am available to him. Even if he ignores me, it seems to soothe him simply having me around.

It’s back to reality for us both today as I return to work and we resume our routine. Wish us both luck! He’s going to be an angry boy.

Scout’s Scare

We had a scare here last night.

I had gathered all the bags and boxes of Christmas gifts to start wrapping. Some of them were on the floor and I didn’t notice that Scout had stirred from his nap and was snooping.

I had turned my back for less than a minute when I heard a racket as he took off running through the house. He had stuck his head through the handles of a paper bag and was running, bag dragging behind him, and sturdy twine handle firmly around his neck.

The bag tore, contents flying every which way but the handle was sturdy and remained in place.

He was shaking with terror by the time I could catch him and remove the bag.

I am hyper aware of the threats that daily life can present to cats. I haven’t used the mini blinds at my windows since the day he arrived because I worry he will get hung up in the blinds. Many plants and flowers are lethal to cats or can at least make them ill. These things don’t come into the house. I worry about cords, bags, harmful foods, ribbons he might eat, things that might fall, etc.

I have kept the Christmas stuff behind closed doors because of all the bags and handles and other dangerous items. Turning my back for a minute was a near disaster.

He spent the remainder of the evening under the piano bench, smarting from his scare.

Not unlike human children, our pets need care and protection from threats. It takes just a minute to get hurt or to scare themselves half to death. It will take a long time for him to get over his worries and I’ll remember it too.

The Look

When planning a trip, part of my ritual is to pull the suitcase from the closet several days in advance. This is Scout’s cue that I will be departing soon. He seems to do better when he is warned than when I just pack up and leave.

I recently did this in anticipation of an impending adventure. He studied the bag several times a day, sniffing and watching me for signs that I was leaving.

Sadly, the day of my departure was a different story. He knew without my saying a word that it was travel day. I don’t know how he figured it out because the day didn’t start out any differently than all the others.

Whatever his trick, he knew and he followed me around all morning. He wanted picked up and cuddled. A couple of times he clung to my shoulder like a little kid begging to not be left behind. Once, he bit my hand in protest. He is apt to violence in these situations because he clearly can’t vocalize his displeasure.

And I felt like a heel for abandoning him. The above picture illustrates the concerned look he carried around all day long.

I just call it The Look. Poor baby.

As pet owners or perhaps more accurately stated, as people who are adopted by pets , we play a pivotal role in their lives. Scout’s life is quite big, roaming the house as he pleases and monitoring all things that go on in and around the house. He looks after the birds, squirrels, bugs and all the other little creatures. He is well cared for and a bit spoiled.

Yet, his world is quite small too. Confined to our house, I’m his only companion and my leaving is hard on him. Luckily, he forgives and forgets within a few hours and all is right with the world.