Have A Theater Party

My job took me to the old Logan Theater in downtown Logan, Ohio a couple of years ago. All three floors are being revitalized to serve local teenagers after school, to provide theater space and to provide a general purpose community space. It was pretty exciting to see their plans and progress.

When I was there, the space for the after school crowd was nearing completion and they were readying to move on to another area. They are working hard to create a useful modern space while being true to the integrity of this historic structure and I am pleased to see them do it.

I captured this bit of peeling paint and vintage advertising on that tour. Trust me to find the dark corner with the old sign!

4 thoughts on “Have A Theater Party

    • I bet they will. They are mindful of their past and the nostalgia the community feels toward the building. In fact the organization is represented by a board comprised entirely of community members. It really is wonderful.

      They also have numerous photos and memorabilia displayed in their office which is a storefront adjacent to the theater. That makes many things, including donated items like an old projector, accessible to anyone who wants to view them during office hours.

      • Sounds like they are really on the right track. So many communities don’t want to be bothered with saving old buildings. Ours does a pretty good job. I think maybe after they tore down the old courthouse some people decided it had been a mistake.

      • At least they learned something from that experience. Too little, too late though. Logan has done a decent job in recent years and I really am impressed with this project.

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