Deep Thoughts In Flight

When you ride in a biplane, the pilot sits behind the passengers rather than in front like you might expect. On Saturday, I got to sit alone in the front seat and enjoyed the most magical moment.

It’s noisy up there. Between the roar of a 90 year old plane engine and the wind, you need protection for your ears and eyes so they give you goggles and head sets.

Being in front meant that I couldn’t see another living soul without turning around in my seat. It was just me and the earth below as we soared over farms, small communities and rural roads in western Ohio.

It’s the closest thing to being as free as a bird that I’ve ever experienced.

It was oddly peaceful and calming. It was kind of invigoration. Most of all, studying the world below was an inspiring reminder that problems that seem so large on the ground are pretty small in the grand scheme of things.

For some reason, the experience was also the kick in the pants I needed to start exercising again and to start using some good sense where my own health is concerned.

I’ve been trying to walk at my favorite local park every day (that’s three whole days in a row. Someone throw me a parade!) and to focus on getting more vegetables in my diet. Small changes can be powerful, especially where our health is concerned.

These are things I have long known. Unfortunately, possessing a fact and putting it into practice are two drastically different activities. For months I’ve been struggling to bridge that gap and failing miserably. It is a source of tremendous gratitude that the fresh perspective provided by a ride in an antique aircraft could have such a significant impact on my mindset.

I’ve written about Dewey Davenport’s biplane rides a few times. I’m especially fond of this account of my first biplane experience! You can also click here for information about how his passion as a modern day barnstormer has evolved into a business that brings great joy to many.

Whether it be a cool plane or just a change of scenery with your feet planted firmly on the ground, I am a big fan of fresh perspective. Go find you some and see how it changes your attitude!

Here’s one more photo for today. You wouldn’t guess this was out there if you were just driving by! That’s another reason to seek out fresh perspective- even when we’re confident of what we’ll find. There could be a surprise waiting!

Have a great day, friends!

15 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts In Flight

  1. The view of Earth from the sky is always fascinating. I’m glad it has jump-started you in some healthful directions (I could use some of that myself!). I’ve been up in a glider, where the pilot also sits behind you, but so blissfully quiet. Hot air balloon rides are similar, but not so aerobatic! The bi-plane may not make it into my agenda, but who knows?!

    • I would love to do a hot air balloon ride but a glider sounds terrifying. Glad you had those adventures! A biplane feels a little like a time machine to me and I truly enjoy the experience. You might give it a whirl if the opportunity arises.

      I’m struggling to cut back on the ice cream but have been walking every day so that feels like a move in the right direction. Wish me luck!!

  2. I got to do this a couple years ago, and it was magical … I absolutely fear commercial flying in the big planes. But loved the Stearman bi-plane. My son-in-law has a pilot’s license and at one time had a paraglider and took me up in it … it was so quiet gliding over the fields. He and some other pilot friends are on their way up to the big air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this week … lots of old time planes and aeronautics galore !! I enjoy your writing when Jim recommends …

    • Thanks so much for reading! It’s nice to meet you, Nancy.

      Magical is a great word for this experience. I enjoy flying commercial but absolutely love small planes and the biplane is like nothing else. Dewey is actually on his way to Osh Kosh too. It sounds like an amazing event and I hope to go some year.

      Thanks for stopping by and don’t be a stranger!

  3. Nudging me back to the Hartman Rock Garden was a good thing, however, this was the post that really caught my attention. It took a while but I finally met Dewey yesterday and he — and the flight — was exactly what you’d led me to expect. Thanks.

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