Golden, Colorado

Visit the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and you’ll find Golden, Colorado. It’s a former gold rush town with cute shops, nice restaurants and this fabulous arch.

They’re known for outdoor recreation and for the Coors Brewery which is the world’s largest single site brewery.

This is a statue of Adolph Coors who founded the company in 1873.

The day we were in this area, we paid our respects to Buffalo Bill, walked a trail along Clear Creek, ate some good Mexican food and shopped.

We also admired this view from downtown Golden.

We saw only a small bit of the town but I wouldn’t mind staying there someday. It’s quaint and it seems like there’s a lot to do in the area.

Looking through these pictures reminded me that we haven’t talked about Buffalo Bill, his museum or his grave. I’ll try to rectify that soon because it was a good experience.

5 thoughts on “Golden, Colorado

      • My son lives near Boulder so we usually stay with him. Last fall he was working on his house so we stayed at the Omni Interlockin near Broomfield. It is about 30 minutes from Golden but easy to get to. Probably further than you want to be from Golden. If not, I would recommend it! It was very nice. We joined their loyalty program which gave us a nice discount. Plus with the pandemic, room rates were lower than I have seen them in a long time! I hope you get back there soon!

      • I’ll have to look at what all there is to do in the area. We’ve been discussing a sequel but I’m not sure if we want to be in Denver, somewhere closer to the National Park entrance or another small town. Golden is so charming I can see us staying there.

        But the entire area is so beautiful I’m sure we can’t go wrong! And I wrote down that hotel just in case. Thank you!!

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