Birds With Attitude


Cardinals always look angry to me. Like they’re yelling at someone who didn’t use a turn signal or who insists on expressing an opinion about a political story they didn’t actually read. It’s hard to tell what a bird is thinking but I’m pretty sure that Cardinals are the Archie Bunkers of the bird kingdom!




Nonetheless, they are awfully pretty!

8 thoughts on “Birds With Attitude

    • Oh, where do you live Eilene? I just realized I don’t know. And I’m very sad that you don’t have cardinals where you are. These pretty red ones are males. The ladies aren’t nearly so pretty but they are special in their own way.

      • I live in southwest Colorado. Our most colorful bird (in spring to fall) is the western tanager. Bullock’s Orioles are also quite bright and like to visit our hummingbird feeders. The males look like they could have a bit of cardinal attitude!

      • Oh! I am planning to spend some time in the Denver area this summer if the plague lifts in time. That will be my first experience in your state outside the Denver airport. What is the weather like in your area?

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