Birds With Attitude


Cardinals always look angry to me. Like they’re yelling at someone who didn’t use a turn signal or who insists on expressing an opinion about a political story they didn’t actually read. It’s hard to tell what a bird is thinking but I’m pretty sure that Cardinals are the Archie Bunkers of the bird kingdom!




Nonetheless, they are awfully pretty!

Bird Feeder Fun

Scout’s birthday gift has provided him with hours of entertainment. I need to wash my windows but I’ve been able to grab a few snapshots of some of his birdies, as we call them. Here are a few from yesterday at dinner time.

An Early Birthday Present

Scout received an early birthday present yesterday. I relocated a bird feeder outside his favorite window.

He barely moved all day.

This little feeder attracted several species throughout the day and, by dusk, Scout was so worn out from watching their comings and goings that he collapsed on the couch.

This clearly is going to be the best babysitter ever.

Tweet Tweet

One of the best things about warm weather is hearing the birds outside my bedroom window in the mornings. It’s a joyful noise, comforting and familiar.

Wherever you are, I hope there are birds and that you are joyful today. Happy Saturday.

Birds Of A Feather

My yard continues to be a haven for the birds this year. I love having them but they don’t love my camera. A few let me take their pictures yesterday so enjoy this collection of pictures of my feathered friends.


The Smart Bird Gets The Seed


My yard is populated by countless species of birds who all fight for a spot at my bird feeder. This little guy is smart. He was hanging out underneath the feeder, waiting for the seed that got dropped.  Perhaps we all can learn a lesson from this – Sometimes it’s ok to let everyone else fight it out while you still get what you want! I liked his style.