Looking Back

A recent trip to the John Gee Black Historical Center got me thinking about this story from Concord Church near Frankfort, Ohio two years ago. It’s a moving place and worth a revisit. Click here to have a read and give it some thought.

2 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. It is difficult to imagine all those circumstances. My ancestor’s brother went to jail for helping slaves escape in Springboro.

    The first time I visited an early ancestor’s grave in Missouri, I was overcome with emotion as I imagined my 3rd great grandmother standing there to bury her husband and a child.

    As for the slave experience, I am trying to rectify gaps in my reading of classics and recently read Toni Morrison’s “Beloved.” Quite a tale.

    • We would be a better society if more people took the time to consider things from someone else’s perspective – through reading or by trying to imagine how another person felt as you have described here. Your stories about your ancestors are always so interesting but it’s even better when you can feel a connection to them.

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