Frankfort Presbyterian Church

a presbyterian church in frankfort (4).JPG

This Presbyterian Church in Frankfort, Ohio is one of several interesting things I photographed in the village one summer morning last year.

It features some of my favorite things – including these beautiful doors.

a presbyterian church in frankfort (3)

And these gorgeous stained glass windows. Notice the angels are African American. That’s not something you see every day in southern Ohio. Aren’t they spectacular?

a presbyterian church in frankfort (1)

Churches often have the most stunning architectural features and works of art. I would love to see inside this one someday. People were gathering for a funeral across the street that day so I didn’t linger long but am contemplating returning for a service someday. The windows illuminated at night would be worth the trip.




Dairy Bar Fun

One of the best things about a summer road trip is stopping at a corner dairy bar for lunch or just some ice cream.

On a recent Saturday morning, I drove some backroads looking for photo ops. Lunch was at this fun little dairy bar – grilled cheese and a chocolate shake under an umbrella.

It doesn’t get much better than a cold shake on a sunny blue sky day. If you’re interested, the Frankfort Dairy Cone is in Frankfort, Ohio and it is closed on Sundays. Gotta love a small town mom and pop that still closes on Sunday.

Pay Phones

This photo got a lot of play on my Facebook page last weekend.

Phone booths and pay phones used to be commonplace in cities and rural communities across the country. Today they’re such a rare sight I usually stop and take note when one presents itself. I actually wrote about pay phones on another occasion.

This little beauty is close to an old Masonic Hall turned community building and a cute little dairy bar in Frankfort, Ohio.

It’s another of those things that I photograph largely because they are being lost to time and progress. I wrote a little about that recently and about making pictures that depict all of the scene and not just the pretty part.

Read that here if you missed it.

It’s a weird thing to get excited about but it’s a sort of comfort that such a thing still exists.