The End Of Sunset

The sunset was especially nice Wednesday night but it was almost gone when I arrived at Concord Church. This was the last gasp of the day’s light and darkness would fall within minutes.

When I turned to go, this was the scene behind me.

Sunset is a prompt to stop, rest and reset in preparation for a new day. It’s kind of reassuring to know that the world gives us this consistency. No matter where you are in the world, the day will be bookended by something miraculous. As the sun sets you can rest assured it will rise again.

If we’re lucky, tomorrow is a new day. Enjoy today, get some rest and prepare to do it all again tomorrow.

Sunset At Concord Church

As usual, I proved again last night that driving in a straight line really isn’t my thing. Concord Church is located just outside Chillicothe, Ohio and is one of my favorite local churches. It’s lovely the way it’s set back from the road with a pretty gate, wrought iron fence and grove of trees. But it was all the more beautiful as the setting sun created a cotton candy sky. Unfortunately, there were cars in my rearview so I went up the road and turned around to head back for a better look.

There’s just something special about a house of worship beneath a beautiful sky. Isn’t it pretty?

The doors are still dressed up for the holiday making the scene even more charming.

Regulars here are likely tired of hearing this but I’ll say it again for everyone in the cheap seats. Always, always, always stop for the picture. Even if you have to turn around and go back. I have never regretted making the stop but have plenty of regrets about the times I kept going.

Life is too short for regrets. Just turn around and go back. It really is that easy.

Looking Back

A recent trip to the John Gee Black Historical Center got me thinking about this story from Concord Church near Frankfort, Ohio two years ago. It’s a moving place and worth a revisit. Click here to have a read and give it some thought.

Blue Skies

The sky was such a clear, brilliant blue the other day that I had to pull over and grab a few pictures.

Like this great tree and barn.

And these shiny silos.

And this pretty church.

I have more pictures of the church so I’ll tell you more about it another day.

Blue skies and sunshine. They just make everything better.