Greenville Carnegie

The Carnegie Library in Greenville, Ohio is still in use as a library and has this statue outside.

Isn’t it delightful? Reading really does open up the world and make life more enjoyable.

This library has been well maintained and expanded over more than a century to suit community needs. I read an article about the building where the library director said that new isn’t always better.

Of course, this made my heart sing.

Sometimes our rich history wins and the gorgeous buildings of our past live on.

I’ve stumbled into three Carnegie libraries in the last couple of weeks and have shared something about each of them. Scroll back through my page here to find the others and trust that I’ll move on to something else tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Greenville Carnegie

  1. We’ve got a great old Carnegie in the city I live in, Muncie. I’ve always taken them for granted because of it.

    Now that I’ve been to every courthouse in Indiana, maybe Carnegies are next! I sure am tempted after reading about the last several you’ve been to.

    • Careful! Once you notice one you will see them everywhere you go!

      There’s one in Shelbyville that is still in use and they have added onto. I saw it a few years ago and was impressed. I’ll have to look for the one in Muncie sometime!

    • I’ve visited the one in Muncie. I’m so glad they value it. The are doing much to preserve the county history and have been invaluable to my book in progress through their collections and website.

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