The Best Traveled Coaster

Meet my coaster. It’s a little rough around the edges these days mainly because it’s far better traveled than it was ever meant to be.

I picked it up on a trip out west a few years ago because it’s cute and has a good message. And then Scout came along and decided that it’s not that cute but is a great test of gravity.

I have told you before about his propensity for knocking things over. What I haven’t told you is that he often knocks things down and into my purse which typically sits on the floor next to his favorite side table.

The number of times I have opened my bag in the store or at work to find something random inside are too great to count but this coaster is almost always in there. Sometimes I remember to check before I leave home and to dig out the tv remote and whatever else he has put in there. Sometimes I don’t and find myself holding a coaster in the middle of the grocery store.

He’s a funny guy, that Scout, and he certainly keeps things interesting!

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