Evening Walk

Seasonal allergies have left me sedentary for a lot of this year. While everyone else is clamoring to get outside, I have largely avoided the great outdoors as allergies have been causing my ears to fill with fluid and my head to feel like it may explode.

I live in the woods so you can imagine how frustrating this has been.

Luckily, conditions have improved the last few weeks and I’m making a concerted effort to breathe fresh air and exercise most days.

My favorite place for a quick walk seemed especially beautiful Monday night. It was humid and hot even at 7 p.m. but it still felt good to move around after a day hiding in the air conditioning.

There’s a paved bike path as well as this short dirt trail around an island in the lake.

I encountered this young couple a few times. They looked so peaceful here I had to sneak a quick picture.

It always surprises me how this place changes with the seasons, the weather and the time of day making it interesting to photograph nearly every visit. While nature often attacks my body, causing fits of headaches and vertigo, there’s something inspiring about the natural world and how it changes around us.

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