The Eve Of A New Year

Here we are. It’s the eve of a new year, the turning of the calendar, a proverbial clean slate.

This year certainly was one for the record books and one we will talk about for the rest of our lives.

The truth is, 2020 wasn’t a terrible year for me personally as I kept my job and income, maintained good health, and even had more time for rest and relaxation.

My introverted self is perfectly happy staying home and six feet away from others. I do terribly miss traveling but understand this is for now, not forever.

This was the year I learned to truly find joy in the small things like a bird at the window, a quiet walk in the woods, and the first bite of a juicy orange.

It was actually a good year in my small place in the universe.

Setting aside my own experience, it is hard to watch people suffer and struggle. From the logistics of childcare, to lost income, illness and isolation, people are struggling. I worry for small businesses and for the families that depend on them for work. I worry for kids who aren’t in school where we know they are safe and fed and learning something. Child abuse and neglect are among the tragedies not being well explored as we are too busy with triage in other areas.

So far, our country has lost about 330,000 souls to this pandemic.

To put that into perspective, that’s more than the population of Cincinnati with its approximate 306,000 people.

Imagine one of Ohio’s three biggest cities wiped off the map. That’s how many of our fellow Americans have been lost.

And we aren’t through the woods yet as experts tell us that January will be a dark month for many.

Still, I am hopeful that life will be better one year from today.

The vintage photo above was labeled “New Years” and offers some much needed levity to this discussion. To be a fly on the wall just before she took this drink!

I won’t be staying up late tonight and I won’t be drinking to dull the effects of the year. Instead, I plan to go to bed early tonight, to read until I fall asleep, and then wake up refreshed in the morning.

2020 can see itself to the door.

I’ll be ready to greet the new year with fresh, rested eyes first thing tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “The Eve Of A New Year

  1. LOVE the vintage photo! (And, of course, your thoughts on year 2020)
    Happy New Year, Brandi. Hope you and Scout have a delightful evening!

  2. 2020 can see itself to the door.

    I love that!!!!!! Yes!!! Brilliant.

    I, however, WILL be staying up until Midnight or later, only because I always do. Mom goes to bed at 10pm and that’s when I get to switch the TV over to stuff I want to watch. I’m thinking of getting all the Christmas boxes out on my lunch break today and then I can take the tree and stuff down tonight after work. I think that will be less of a chore. I find it hot, sweaty, and exhausting getting the boxes down, especially when the heater is going full blast. LOL

    Happy New Year to you and to Scout! See ya next year.

    • This sounds like a happy and productive use of your evening! Also, I’m glad I made you giggle with that line. 🙂

      Happy New Year to you and your mother. Let’s hope that 2021 is a kinder, gentler year!

  3. We’re in much the same boat as you. It hasn’t been a terrible year for us, but we are very sad for all those who have been impacted, health wise or financially. I could have wished for better leadership from all levels of government, but that is pie-in-the-sky. As with the last round, any “stimulus” money coming our way will go directly to those in need – where it should have gone in the first place.

    Have sweet dreams tonight as 2020 sneaks out the back! 🤗

    • I’m so glad you and yours have done ok this year too!

      January will be a no spend challenge month for me so I’m going to tuck away my big $600 until I’m spending again. Then I’ll be spreading it around to my favorite small businesses in the area.

      Here’s hoping for prosperous and healthy days ahead for us all. Happy New Year!

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