Road Trip!

The two most exciting words in the English language?

Road Trip.

When I’m involved in the trip, that is.

Mr. Wonderful and I decided to take a little road trip this coming weekend. We don’t really know where we are going yet or just what we want to do but I’ve narrowed it down to four possibilities.

The parameters are that the trip has to be inexpensive (we both are poor public servants who have shelled out a lot of money for home repairs recently) AND it has to be something we can do in two days. Oh, and the trip climaxes with a Bob Dylan concert in Cincinnati on Sunday night.

Half the fun for me is in the planning. Just imagine all the possibilities! There are so many amazing things to see in our part of the country that it’s truly hard to decide. So I’ve been burning up the internet looking at lodging options, travel times, museums and hiking trails in the areas that interest us.

Whatever we do, though, I’m certain we’ll have a good time. We both are interested in a lot of different things and are extremely compatible so it feels like we have a good time no matter where we go or what we do.

We both grew up without siblings. Yes, the dreaded only child. The neat thing about being the only kid in the family is that you learn quickly to entertain yourself and to be entertained by simple things. So give me a camera, some decent walking shoes and a place I’ve never been and I’ll be content for hours. It’s an adventure!

I’ll let you know what we decide. Meanwhile, I hope you are planning a little adventure for your weekend!

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