Egg Hunt

My parents always host Easter dinner which means they have been busy this week cleaning, cooking and getting things ready for extended family.

I thought they deserved a little treat so I picked up some lunch to enjoy with them yesterday. Then I took advantage of a few minutes where my parents were distracted to hide a handful of Easter eggs.

These cute animal eggs had caught my eye at the dollar store a few weeks ago and I thought they might enjoy some good old fashioned childish fun.

Little did I know the delight it would inspire. It also brought out my dad’s competitive nature as he raced around trying to beat my mom to the punch. Did I mention that they are 72 and 71?

They each found five candy-filled eggs and I’m still surprised at how much they enjoyed the festive fun.

It goes to show that the holidays aren’t just for kids. They’re for the kid in us all. So make an Easter basket for your teenagers, color eggs with an older person and bite the ears off that chocolate rabbit. We are all kids at heart!

Happy Easter, friends!

Water Lillies And A Rainy Hike

Yesterday was busy. I had errands and chores to do but still managed to squeeze in a hike between responsibilities and rain showers.

Sometimes it’s the fun things that we shoehorn in amongst responsibilities that mean the most.

Dark clouds hovered over Lake Hope when I arrived but there was no lightening and the system was moving through so I read a book in the car and waited it out.

I did get rained on a bit near the end of the hike but I didn’t mind. It was hot despite a decent breeze. Tree cover provided a good bit of protection but a few raindrops made it through and it felt amazing.

Afterward, I drove to another area of the lake to photograph the first water lilies in bloom. This guy hovered and landed, providing a quick opportunity to grab some pictures!

In all, it was a good day but my allergies are now acting up and I’ll pay for this adventure for a while. Nonetheless, it felt good to move and breathe fresh air and to be a kid again playing in the rain! Everyone should take a walk in a quiet forest on a rainy day once in a while.

Post Covid Bucket List: Travel

I’ve been allowing my mind to wander toward all the places I might physically wander this year.

I’m supposed to fly to Denver to see a friend and then road trip home this summer. The likelihood of that happening seems less and less with each passing day.

Another friend and I were talking about road tripping to DC this year.

Even if states don’t have in place quarantine measures for interstate travel, I question the safety of commercial flying. Not to mention, will the museums and things I want to see be open?

As a thinker and a planner, it is hard for me to have so many questions that are unanswerable today. Flying by the seat of my pants isn’t my way but that’s where we are right now.

If that big trip doesn’t happen, I’m thinking about some fun things to do around Ohio and neighboring states. I’ll be disappointed if I don’t get to see my friend out west this summer but there will be other trips.

What are your 2020 travel plans?

Ashville Viking Festival

Two years ago I went to a Viking Festival in Ashville, Ohio. I know people who roll their eyes when this event is mentioned but I am happy to say this is one of the neatest events in my area.

The entrance fee was a donation of canned goods for a local charity. There were speakers, music, and people demonstrating all sorts of things. Also, it isn’t just about Vikings. There were many Renaissance related vendors and people entertaining plus lots of kid friendly activities.

It is much like the big Renaissance Fair they have in western Ohio only better in many ways. I certainly had more fun at this event.

Sadly, I missed it last year because of illness. And, of course, it was cancelled this year.

Will the third time be the charm? I’m dying to go back. If you’re in Ohio and this sort of thing appeals to you, mark your 2021 calendars and find a way there.

Madison Church

a madison

Saturday is supposed to be Adventure Day but with everything on lock down, it’s hard to rustle up things to do. Even my favorite local trail system is closed because the tourists simply wouldn’t stop coming and the trails were too crowded to be safe.

So I got up early and headed to another state park with a nice bike path. It’s been crowded too but was nice and quiet early in the day. With my camera on the seat next to me I went in search of an old Baptist Church that’s been on my radar for a while. It’s on a country road, narrow and wooded. The church was established in 1870 and has a tidy cemetery.

There are some extremely old graves here as well as many new ones including my own cousin – an infant I never knew who died about a year before I was born.

It is one of the most peaceful places you’ll ever go. In fact, you hear nothing but birds and wind in the treetops. A plane went over at one point. Otherwise, it was completely silent so I lingered a bit, just soaking in the cool morning air and bird chatter. 

It wasn’t an exciting adventure but it was a satisfying morning, driving familiar roads and finding new places. This is probably the new normal at least until we make it through these hard times. Luckily I live in an area with lots of roads and things to see if you go looking.

How are you entertaining yourself these days?


Post Covid Bucket List: Uncle Buck’s Trail Ride

The first in the series of things I want to do when we’re free again is to take a trail ride at Uncle Buck’s Riding Stable and Dance Barn. I’ve known the owner for many years but somehow have never made it out for a ride.

His name is Dave but everyone just calls him Uncle Buck. He’s a good community minded man who loves his horses and who makes pretty music with a couple of local bands.

They do a few different rides but I have my eye one one that goes through the Zaleski State Forest to the Moonville Tunnel.

Moonville is a ghost town and the tunnel is said to be haunted. A rail trail has been built in the area and goes right through the tunnel. The state forest is expansive and is beautiful especially in spring and fall. I’ve been to Moonville and to these woods many times but never on a horse!

Uncle Buck’s draws a large number of tourists but they take out small groups so you still have an intimate and authentic experience. Once upon a time I ran the county visitors’ center so I’ve sent a lot of people their way over the years. Yet I’ve never done a trail ride.

Maybe I’ll get some friends together or I may go solo. Either way, this is the year I go support my friend’s business.

Want to read about Uncle Buck’s? If you’re ever in southern Ohio, I’m sure they’d love to get you out on the trail!  Read about them here.