Through Vincent’s Eyes

After stepping into Van Gogh’s world and paintings at Immersive Van Gogh, I drove across town to the Columbus Museum of Art. Here I was able to take a step back and enjoy the real paintings.

They currently have a special exhibition called “Through Vincent’s Eyes: Van Gogh and His Sources.” There are several paintings and drawings by Van Gogh himself along side a carefully curated collection of artwork that inspired him.

It’s easy to spot the Van Gogh pieces as they are all presented on an electric blue wall. While it makes them stand out, I found the blue wall distracting. Nonetheless, it was pretty incredible to stand in the presence of the work of this remarkable artist.

I most appreciated the commentary that accompanies each work of art. Curators used Van Gogh’s own words to describe each work and what he took away from it.

I was partial to several including French Modernist Armand Guillaumin who often exhibited with the Impressionists. Van Gogh frequently used books and flowers in his work as well.

Then there was Danish-French Impressionist Camille Pissarro who often looked for inspiration around the fields and gardens near his Normandy home.

I also liked Dutch Realist Anton Mauve whose oil on canvas “Carting the Log” reminded me of my family who have been loggers and sawmill workers for generations.

Narcisse Virgilio Diaz de la Pena, a French painter of the Barbizon school was one of my favorites because the light and color are extraordinary.

This event requires an additional ticket on top of your museum admission but is worth every penny. Take your time and enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Through Vincent’s Eyes

  1. I can understand the annoyance of the blue walls. And also why you like the log-carting painting. It’s so atmospheric and reminds one of the days when mud was the natural human environment, not concrete and asphalt.

  2. I visited that painting a few times before leaving. It gave off the oddest vibe for me as I could almost smell the mud and and fresh cut wood.

    But those blue walls! I get why they did it but I much prefer viewing art on a white wall. Sigh. This is a first world problem.

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