Whole 30 Update

Whole30-Timeline-COLOR-SmallerThis is my second round of the Whole 30 and I’m on Day 8. I marvel at how quickly the time passes on the Whole 30 and at how much better I feel when eating real food. I really do seem to have more stamina and energy and simply feel better.

My meals are pretty basic and often repetitive but I’m good with that because I like the foods I’m eating. It’s a lot of roasted vegetables, eggs, fish and shrimp. Most of it is prepared in olive oil. I drink a ton of water and there are no desserts or sweet treats to speak of.

It may sound restrictive but it’s actually extremely freeing to have fewer decisions to make and to know that what I’m eating is what I have to eat. I can’t wimp out on a Thursday night and decide to pick up pizza instead of coming home to cook. I know that I can’t have a cookie because it’s not on the list. That would break the rules and I would be required to go back to the beginning. I don’t want to start over again even for a cookie. However, if I thought for a minute I could have a cookie, I would. And then maybe another!

My mother thinks I don’t eat real food and a few weeks ago my Kroger cart, full of fresh produce and fish, was judged by some woman with a cartful of frozen pizzas and chips. I try not to judge others but it was sort of hard as she stood there glaring at my pile of sweet potatoes.

But that’s ok. The world doesn’t need to approve. I feel good and am becoming stronger and healthier each day. Their approval isn’t required for me to make a positive change in my life.


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