Wellness Wednesday

I have been unnaturally tired for the last couple of weeks and I endured a headache yesterday. It made for a long day.

As my workday ended, I decided that Wellness Wednesday would be the theme of the evening. So I stopped for a walk on the way home and savored the fresh air, stopping occasionally to touch the bark on a tree or to examine the light hitting a shallow stream.

My house needs a good cleaning, my closet is in shambles, the trash needs to go out and the list goes on and on. Fortunately, these things can wait a while so I fed Scout and went to bed.

Warm pjs, soft pillows and a purring kitty cat are my idea of self care. Here’s hoping today is better.

Sometimes self care is candles and a bubble bath. Sometimes it’s doing the work you have been putting off. Sometimes self care is drinking the water and eating the vegetables. Sometimes it is surrendering to the demands of your body and just going to bed.

Learn to listen to your body and learn to know the difference. Understanding what you need is a true skill and one we all should master.

Long weekend

It’s a long weekend for many of us in America since Monday is Presidents’ Day. The weather is going to be absolutely gorgeous today. At 45 degrees and sunny, one could not ask for better hiking weather and I am tempted to hit the trail this afternoon.

Unfortunately, my body is begging for rest. I had a sinus issue this week, complete with a cough that kept me up most nights. And, of course, the neck issue I developed Thursday persists.

I’m starting to fray around the edges.

So I bought a new pillow, some pain cream and some quick prep foods to make mealtime easier this weekend. I also bought this clearance journal designed to help me slow down and plan wellness improvements.

How sad that I’m seeking health advice from the clearance shelf.

It’s important to listen to your body and to give it what it’s begging for. So unless I feel significantly better this afternoon, I’ll be hanging out with my cat, a book and my tv remote. This isn’t really my speed but here we are.

Enjoy your Saturday and wish me luck!

A Pain In The Neck

It isn’t every day I get to write about a literal pain in the neck but I injured myself while getting ready for work yesterday morning. To be clear, I wasn’t doing anything wrong or even taxing. I just turned my head to the left and immediately felt something snap in the right side of my neck. Pain immediately radiated down my neck and into the shoulder.

It was a busy day so I persevered but noticed the issue hurt more with each passing hour. My hopes that it would wear off on its own were clearly unrealistic.

This picture from Lake Alma is about as bleak as my mood yesterday afternoon.

Luckily, my chiropractor is great and they got me in right away. By the time I walked in his office, the pain was up into my temple and down my right arm. I shudder to imagine how bad it would be now without his care.

I feel better now. Not good. But better and I’m hopeful that some rest this weekend will help me heal. If not, I’ll go back next week and try again.

This week has been rough as I have struggled with a cough and a sinus problem. These episodes have gone a long way toward reminding me just how precious good health is. We don’t often recognize it till it’s gone.

Be healthy and happy, my friends, and be grateful if you are in good health.

Health And Gratitude

This hasn’t been a banner week for me. I’m doing better (thanks to those of you who have expressed concern. I’ll live!) but I’m not up to par.

This week, I have worked and slept and haven’t done much else. There has been no exercise, no household chores, no projects, no blog posts.

While I feel a bit like a slug this week, I’m ok with it. We can’t be 100% everywhere all the time. My energy is mostly getting used up at the place that pays my bills and, for this week, that’s most important.

Something else that’s important is gratitude for good health. Feeling a little under the weather is a temporary problem but always a helpful reminder to be grateful for the days we are well.

Under The Weather

These last two days have found me under the weather. Just so you know – I’m terrible at being sick.

Life is better when you’re up and moving. Whether on the go anod doing fun stuff or staying home and puttering around the house – life is better when you are able to do something.

I am not a Netflix and chill girl. It is rare to find me just hanging out on the couch with a snack and the tv. There’s always a chore, a book, a hobby or something else more entertaining than just sitting around.

I spent yesterday in bed thinking of all the things I would do if I felt better. I scrolled Pinterest while Scout napped at my feet and Law and Order played in the background.

The whole day was so out of character that Scout was clearly worried. He hardly left my side, occasionally biting at my feet or grabbing at my arm in a sweet attempt at coaxing me back onto my feet. Doesn’t he look worried?

My Pinterest activities cracked me up because I was all over the place. If you aren’t familiar, Pinterest is a type of social media where you can find, upload and save images and links that inspire you on virtual boards.

Watercolor tutorials, gluten free vegetarian recipes, inspiring quotes, writing tips, photography challenges, winter wardrobe images, decluttering challenges, and ideas for transforming my dining room into a library were among the things that caught my eye.

It occurred to me that my interests are vast. I badly wanted to get up and clean out my closet, paint a picture, reorganize my kitchen and make something good for dinner. Instead, I stayed put, ate frozen pizza and read some.

Today is a new day. Here’s hoping it is more productive.

New Glasses, Big Adjustment

Yesterday was a banner day. I went from no glasses at all to no line bifocals. I picked them up in the afternoon and wore them in a few stores and around home last night but still haven’t gotten my bearings.

Reading is fine and activity on my phone is ok but – gee whiz – walking around is a chore!!!

I’m told that it’s important to turn your head instead of just moving your eyes so I’m practicing that. Meanwhile, I’m a little sea sick. Actually, I feel like a drunk person at sea if I turn my head too quickly!!

And those of you who have bifocals will understand when I say that looking down when I walk is a super bad idea.

The doctor’s office told me to wear them as much as possible and to keep working at it until I find my sweet spot. Friends say that it will take a couple of weeks but it will simply click one day. A few have horror stories but I’m choosing to believe that I’ll be seeing better in no time.

I’m also hopeful that I won’t fall on my head trying to figure it out. Have advice? I’m open to your ideas!