Honoring The 297 Who Died

One of the most significant war memorials that I have seen is in downtown Zanesville, Ohio on the Muskingum County Courthouse lawn. It’s dedicated to the 297 men from this county who died in World War II and Korea.

Those casualties are represented by 297 empty helmets, haphazardly piled atop an earthen mound. Each helmet is inscribed with a name.

Behind the helmets, there are two larger than life soldiers – one comforting the other who grieves their fallen comrades. At the front of the pile there’s another young man. I like the way the plaque describes this soldier. “We have a strapping young man striding forward with a purposeful gaze into the future.”

The memorial was sculpted by Alan Cottrill in 2012. He is an Army veteran and artist whose studio and gallery in downtown Zanesville welcomes visitors.

According to his website, Cottrill has arguably the largest body of work by any living sculptor with commissioned monuments throughout the country. You can learn more about the artist at his website by clicking here.

You can pay your respects on the Courthouse lawn at the corner of Main and Fifth streets. There’s a nice garden with benches and other monuments here too.

It really is an extraordinary sculpture and worth a detour into downtown if you’re in the area.

Adventure Day!

The East End Cafe is in Zanesville, Ohio.

A pal asked about my weekend plans a few days ago. When I indicated that there were none, he suggested it was time to figure it out. His exact words were “we have reached a time when your weekends should all be adventures.”

Gosh, darn it, he’s right!

So I spent some evenings this week doing chores, reserving this day for fun, learning and adventure. It’s time to dust myself off and go see this big world of ours.

However you spend this day be brave, be smart and learn something new. Happy Saturday, friends!!

A Sneak Peak


Here’s a sneak peak at a story you can read here later this week. It’s from the National Road and Zane Grey Museum in Zanesville. Visiting here has been on my bucket list for a while and I got to visit with my folks to celebrate my birthday last week.

It’s a great museum, packed with lots of information and stories are told in a fun, engaging way. Well worth a visit so stay tuned!