A Stroll Through Yoctangee Park

Sunday was gorgeous but the day found me running errands. Before the errands though, I stopped by Chillicothe’s Yoctangee Park for a stroll around the pond. This city park is a favorite spot for fishing, senior photos and reunions. There’s also a trail around the water’s edge that’s paved part of the way and natural ground part of the way.

First you cross the bridge.

Then you encounter a bunch of ducks along the path. These guys were so still they looked like statues.

There’s gorgeous scenery and lots of squirrels with a soundtrack of birdsong for good measure. This non-native species is called Muscovy but I just call them murder ducks. Don’t they look murderous?

Then there are the swans. They’re on the nest right now!

I was sad to realize they have marked some beautiful old trees for cutting. They look healthy to me but I assume that someone smarter than me about these things sees something I do not.

Either that or they’re just needlessly destroying some of my favorite trees so we’ll go with the first story and hope for the best.

This stroll preceded stops at two home supply stores and Kroger. It was exactly what I needed to prepare me for the work ahead!

Nature is amazing for our mental health and physical well being. Even just a few minutes of fresh air and birdsong can work wonders. Try it. I promise it will improve your day!!

On The Nest

I encountered this lovely swan and her protective mate looking after their eggs at Yoctangee Park in Chillicothe. They made me smile and I sincerely hope they make your day too.

Happy Saturday, friends. Go find something that makes your heart happy today.

Yoctangee Park At Christmas

Last night found me in downtown Chillicothe so I took a quick detour into Yoctangee Park. It has been a city park since 1875 but got its name in the 1890s. Yoctangee is the Native American word for paint, a reference to the skin and clothing pigments they once used in this area.

That bit of history isn’t all that relevant to Christmas except the festive lights that currently illuminate the park reminded me of the meaning of that name.

They have just a few lights this year but it’s free to drive through and quite pleasant. In fact, all of the historic downtown is worth a look as it’s all dressed up for the holidays. Not to mention all the shops and restaurants would be thrilled to have your business.

These two images are my favorite from the park.

This one in particular is meaningful as the lake at this park is known for its swans.

It wasn’t that long ago that this historic district was dead on a typical Tuesday night. It’s amazing to see how it has grown, to enjoy the lights, have to stop for pedestrians and see restaurants packed with guests.

I have written some about downtown Chillicothe. Try the Search box to find more about this great town.