Thankful Tuesday

Adventuring has been put on hold for the last couple of weeks as I focus on getting flower beds under control. I’m about halfway done but am hoping to work on weeknights this week to free up next weekend for something that doesn’t leave me dirty, battered, sun burned and covered in poison ivy.

It’s time to hit the open road and have some fun!

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the exercise and the sense of accomplishment. It has been as good for my mental health as it has been for the flowers and, for that, I am grateful.

Catching Up

One disadvantage of being an amateur backroads wanderer is that I’m constantly in a state of wanting to pack a bag and run away. Another is that it’s easy to fall behind on household chores.

I have a long list of outdoor projects I had hoped to complete this month but it’s looking doubtful – between rain, allergies and wandering around – there simply hasn’t been a lot of opportunity for productivity.

I jokingly told a couple of female coworkers that I was gonna have to find a man so I would have help with the weedeating, pruning, power washing and other assorted chores awaiting attention. Both of them are married and aptly suggested that I just hire help. Ha ha.

I’m too cheap for that because I need all my funds for adventures! So here’s hoping I can knock out a bunch of chores later today so I can go out to play on Saturday without too much guilt!