Veterans Day

A flag waves in the breeze in Downtown Marietta Ohio on a late summer day.

Today is Veterans Day. Many Americans know this as a day off work and an opportunity shop sales but the day has nothing to do with shopping.

In 1918, in the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, an armistice to cease fighting on the Western Front was signed by the Allied powers and Germany.

World War I was over.

President Woodrow Wilson declared this day Armistice Day and it was later adopted as a national holiday known as Veterans Day.

In the years since, we’ve had plenty of young men and women continue to sign a blank check to this country, committed to serve in any way they are needed.

Memorial Day is for honoring the dead. Today is for honoring all veterans. Do your part and thank a veteran today if you get a chance.

We owe them everything.