Problems And Fresh Perspective

This week has been challenging. I’m tired and haven’t felt well since getting a flu shot. Everyone needs something. Lots of people are picking at each other. Things just aren’t going well and obstacles have been the norm rather than the exception to the rule.

The key phrase yesterday was “you’ve got to be kidding me.”

A full blown tantrum has been on the horizon for several days.

But a work errand sent me to Columbus yesterday where I drove past Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House. There was a woman wrangling two small children outside Ronald McDonald House and it occurred to me there are people out there with real, life threatening problems.

So I took a big breath of fresh air and decided it best to appreciate the good in my problems. That’s not to say they aren’t real but my issues right now would fall into a category that should be marked “Headaches” rather than “Day-Shattering-Tantrum-Inducing-Crises.”

I’m busy because people need me and because I have a job. That flu shot was covered by my health insurance and may keep me healthy later. Those obstacles that keep screwing up my schedule? That could all be a plot by the universe to keep me alive for another day. If an accident happens in the blink of an eye, all these delays could be preventing something terrible from making matters worse.

Sometimes you just have to pause a moment and reframe things. A good gulp of fresh air and a new perspective never hurt anyone.

Let’s see what hurdles this day holds, shall we?

Work Is Easier When You Love Your Job


It’s fun to watch people at work when they clearly love their job. This gentleman does blown glass demonstrations at the Franklin Park Conservatory and offers a wonderful  presentation. It seems that he makes something a little different for each demonstration and I was lucky enough to see him create a bowl.

I’ve witnessed blown glass demonstrations a few times but had never seen a bowl made so this was thrilling. He kept the audience interested and engaged, even eliciting some oohs and ahs as he played with color and shape while manipulating glass at temperatures upwards of one thousand degrees fahrenheit.

If you find yourself at this place, be sure to stop by the Hot Shop for a demonstration. And, if you’re so inclined, you can even purchase pieces made here at the gift shop inside!

Life Gets In The Way

It’s true. As hard as you try to stay ahead of the game and do good work and keep up with everything that’s important and all the things that you have to do… sometimes it’s just hard because life gets in the way.

This week has been one of those weeks that I didn’t come close to keeping up. Busy at work, insane weather, multiple power outages, stuff with friends…. I have done a terrible job keeping up with blogging and exercise and things at home and basically everything else.

As I hopped on the treadmill this morning, I contemplated the importance of recommitting to goals every single day. It has to be done.

But for now, I’ll just be over here digging myself out from under everything that’s gotten in the way. Happy Saturday, friends.

Last Day Before Vacation

I would love to sit here today with a good book and some Glenn Miller on the record player. I’ll go to work though. It’s my last day before a little holiday break and maybe some adventure. This old chair will be waiting for me whenever I make it home.

Happy Christmas Eve to you and yours.

A brand new bag

I finally found a work bag that’s big enough for all my stuff. Never mind that it’s probably an overnight bag for most people.

This lovely Cynthia Rowley bag was clearanced at TJ Maxx for $16. I think it’s perfect for hauling around all my stuff in one bag. Best of all, I no longer look like a bag lady walking up the street to my office!