Twice in the last year, I have written and scheduled a WordPress post that has magically disappeared. Not only only does it not publish, it’s not in the drafts, the scheduled posts or the trash.

It’s like it never existed. Although, I can assure you it did exist just eleven hours ago.

It was about Blackwater Falls, a lovely West Virginia state park I visited with friends last month. Since I just write my posts in WordPress, it’s gone. I’m taking this as a sign that the goddess of blogging thought I could do better.

So, for now, here’s a pretty picture from Blackwater Falls and I’ll try to do better later!

Happy Monday, y’all. And whether you call it Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day, enjoy that too. Maybe read up on why we have two holidays related to history on this second Monday in October.

Just Go With It

I wrote something for today but it has disappeared. Quite literally. It didn’t publish but it’s not in the Drafts, Scheduled or Trash folders. Thanks WordPress. It’s just gone.

While I’m irked that the positively brilliant piece I wrote for today (and ya’ll know it was brilliant. Ha!)) I’ll seize this opportunity to show you this random photo of the opera house in Cedarville, Ohio. It was built in 1888 and is a gorgeous fixture in this village’s downtown.

Honestly friends, every day this week has felt like a series of ordeals. At one particular low point, I unloaded the back seat of my car in a Bob Evans parking lot to rearrange and make room for a large rug that I had just learned was waiting for me at the post office. It wouldn’t fit in my mail carrier’s vehicle. Could I come get it? This was while the employees of said Bob Evans were inside actively forgetting to bring out my curbside delivery after I called to let them know I was there.

Incidentally, this was after they had forgotten to pack it up in the first place and the food was terrible. Oh, and I had ice cream beside me in a cold bag on a hot Ohio day. But yes, the almost seven foot long rolled up rug did fit neatly in my car and the ice cream was still ok when I got home. So, aside from the food, it all turned out just fine.

Did I mention that it was on this day I also accidentally photobombed my company’s HR Director while she was in a Zoom call? Can you say mortified?

Given this auspicious start, I suspect this day isn’t going to be any better. Then again, it could be the best day of my life. Who knows?

But that’s life. And what is life if not an opportunity to learn?

These small hiccups and bumps in the road teach us how to cope, how to regroup or how to roll with the punches when the stakes are higher.

Missing blog posts, bad take-out, and an idiotic company that thinks sending big items via a rural mail carrier’s car is a good idea – these are first world frustrations that we shouldn’t let ruin our day.

Here’s to a good day for us all. And if things aren’t going your way, just think of me in a dress, pulling folding tables out of my car in a restaurant parking lot while passersby tried to figure out what on earth was going on.

At least you can get a laugh out of it all.

Like water off a duck’s back, friends. Just go with it.