Touring Wild Turkey

a wild turkey (1).jpg

All the news coverage of the recent Jim Beam warehouse fire made me think about the distillery I visited in Kentucky a few years ago.  Kentucky has a very popular bourbon trail but I’m not much of a drinker and we were only in the area for a long weekend so this was just one of several unrelated stops along the way.

Even if you don’t drink, Wild Turkey offers a fun tour. There’s a lot to see and learn and it’s kind of fun to be along with someone who is enthusiastic about the drink.

The property is beautiful too.

What to learn more? If you’re over 18, you can click here and plan your visit online! 

Road trip here we come!

We selected Lexington, Ky as our whirlwind weekend road trip destination. I am so excited to get away for a couple of days it really doesn’t matter where we go but it sounds like Lexington is a terrific choice.

We plan to visit the Kentucky Horse Park, tour some historic sites and maybe even the Wild Turkey Distillery. Some of these places charge admission while others are completely free so I think it will be very affordable to entertain ourselves. There’s also a Half Price Books that’s already calling my name.

When it came time to locate lodging we looked at a lot of different options. Finally, Mr. Wonderful decided to take the plunge and try the Priceline name your price option. Guess what!!! We are staying at one of the nicest hotels in town for just $52 plus tax! That’s cheaper than a Red Roof Inn. If you are traveling and don’t mind not knowing exactly which hotel you will end up with, I would absolutely recommend the Priceline deal.

Adventure, here we come!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone! I will report back with details next week.