Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Teddy Bear?

This weekend didn’t go according to plan. My fella, also known as Mr. Wonderful, lives about 90 minutes from me so we take turns visiting on weekends. This was his weekend to come here for some thrifting and hiking but his sinuses were not so wonderful and he spent all of Saturday in bed.

So I took myself out for a little adventure, literally going wherever the wind blew me. One of my stops was at an antique mall where I found something that I have been seeking for literally a year or more. And you will think it’s silly but that’s ok.

Little Red Riding Hood Salt and Pepper Shakers.

They match a milk pitcher that Mr. Wonderful gave me last year. We had found another set of salt and peppers several months ago but they were almost $40 and my frugal self couldn’t compute the price tag.

This set was just $14. Smiles!!

Fortunately Mr. Wonderful was a bit better yesterday so we met for a movie. If you haven’t seen “TED” it is cute, vulgar and irreverent. It’s a little low brow but you just need that once in a while.

Besides, it isn’t every day you hear Peter Griffin’s voice come out of a teddy bear.

I also cleaned a closet and got in a little exercise. Jillian Micheals and Leslie Sansome are doing their best to help me be healthy. Too bad I sabotaged their efforts with  a milkshake during my solo road trip and movie candy!

What did you do this weekend?