This Day

Part of me says, wow, it’s Wednesday already! Part of me asks how it’s only Wednesday.

I’m in the home stretch of a big project at work and find myself experiencing time distortion. There are days when I’m so busy the hours fly by too quickly to count and others when they drag. The band Chicago asked the musical question “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is” and I’m convinced it’s about someone on deadline at work.

I badly want the week to be done and badly need to slow down the clock to allow chance to keep up.

It takes some effort but I try to appreciate each day for what it is. If it’s cold and dreary, that’s an excuse to make some hot chocolate. If it’s a great day of fun and adventure, that’s even better. If it’s midweek and I’m yearning for the weekend, I try to focus on the task at hand. After all, the fact I’m working means that I’m employed. This is important because my cat expects me to give him a good life!

Besides, it could be worse. It could be Monday! Search within your soul for something to be grateful for. This day is special and something to be cherished because you’ll never get it back again. Don’t wish it away for sunshine or free time or even Saturday.

Happy Wednesday!

Happiness Is….

Happiness is blue skies, a fabulous old plane and the knowledge that it’s finally Friday. There’s no sense in wishing your life away to get to the weekend but, now that it’s nearly here, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating.

Kick up your heals and savor the moment!

Found Time

I wrapped up a project at work this week and rewarded myself with a four day weekend. Everyone needs a little mental health time.

Thursday was cleaning day (doesn’t my living room look nice when it’s clean?), Friday was for adventure and today is dedicated to prepping for the new week. But Saturday, Leap Day, was found time and I used it to do something I never do: nothing.

I read, watched a movie and even took a long nap. It was a beautiful sunny day which should have been spent out hiking or doing something productive but I have no regrets.

Everyone needs a day to decompress and to hit the reset button. Leap Day was perfect for that. Today is a new day and a new month, a perfect time to start fresh goals or to recommit to old ones.