The Signs of Rapid City

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Of all the towns I’ve visited recently, Rapid City, South Dakota wins the prize for the best cool signage. Throughout downtown, there are tons of great new and vintage signs that make you want to go into a business.

Signs add character and charm to a streetscape. They tell you about the business and about the amount of care the business owner has taken in presenting themselves to the world. A good sign is like a firm handshake and makes a great first impression.

Here are some signs that I liked and hope you will too.

Signs Signs, Everywhere A Sign

I’m incapable of walking past a great sign without whipping out my phone to take a picture. Hope you enjoy these signs from my recent National Road adventure!

Cadillac Motel

IMG_5447.JPGIsn’t this sign fabulous? I saw it while walking through the tourist district of Niagara Falls, Canada. The motel is billed as retro chic with themed rooms that celebrate ZZ Top, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and more. They just don’t make signs like this anymore.