Inn Towner

If you ever find yourself in the Hocking Hills and have a thing for vintage signage, be sure to look up the Inn Towner Motel in Logan, Ohio. I was driving by last night and circled back to grab this photo because it looked so pretty all lit up in its midcentury glory.

Remember friends, never be afraid to circle back for a closer look at something when you have a chance. That’s what exploring this world is all about!

Hasty Tasty

This cool sign is visible from the highway as you approach Dayton from the east. It always catches my eye so I exited for a closer look last Saturday.

It’s a great vintage sign but there was a line out the door at this locally owned pancake house. I suspect they weren’t there for the sign. After all, it’s been in business since 1952 so they clearly know a thing or two about satisfying customers.

The menu looks extensive and it smelled wonderful when I hopped out of the car for this photo. I really must go back for a meal sometime. If you’re in the area, stop by the Hasty Tasty at 3509 Linden Ave, Dayton and let me know what you think about the food. It’s also close to the One Dollar Book Swap which I told you about this week.


Here’s a fabulous theater marquee for your viewing pleasure. I like that slice of blue sky and can appreciate that it isn’t all centered. Symmetry gets boring – both in pictures and in real life.

Enjoy this first day of May, friends. I hope the sky is beautiful wherever you may be. Keep coming back. There are lots of stories to share!

Dream Cup

If you ever find yourself on the National Road in Springfield, Ohio be sure to look for this old coffee shop. Someone out there probably knows a story about the place. All I know is the building is awesome and the sign is fabulous.

Whatever happened to fun signs and interesting rooflines on buildings? This building looks like something from the Jetson’s!