The Car


On Monday I shared a picture of a cool hood ornament. A few folks asked about the car attached to that hood ornament and I luckily had a picture to share!

It’s from a 1930 Model A that I admired at a local event last year. A regional Model A Club was giving rides and, while this isn’t the car I rode in, it’s pretty fantastic.

By the way, my very smart dad tells me that the hood ornament on this car is a radiator cap. Beautiful and useful too!

A Fun Surprise

Old cars in unexpected places are a delightful surprise to meanderers. This little gem is sometimes parked in downtown Chillicothe. Wrapping up a recent adventure I was headed toward my favorite antique mall when I just had to pull over for a snapshot.

It was mid-afternoon so the light was harsh and the sky was white but it still looks nice against the brick.

In addition to being a neat old car, it’s a pleasant reminder that you just never know what’s around the next corner and that sometimes there’s a fun surprise waiting in your own neighborhood!

Spotting A Scout!

When I was a kid my grandpa owned an International Harvester Scout much like the one pictured above. His was green and a little older, I think. Nonetheless, childhood memories come rushing back each time I cross paths with an old Scout.

A precursor to the modern SUV, the Scout was a competitor of the popular Jeep. I’m a little sad the Scout didn’t survive.

If I had unlimited funds, I’d buy one to take on my adventures. Seems like a perfect adventuring car for a nerd girl with a flair for the vintage.

This little red number was parked outside the Silver Moon Diner last month. Isn’t it pretty?

It always surprises me how quickly memories flood in at the sight of an old car or even just by catching a whiff of perfume. We’re lucky, I suppose, to have the ability to summon a good memory with something so simple as an old car in a diner parking lot.

Did you ever drive a Scout? Tell me about it!