Who Could Blame Me?

When the color of the car complements the sky so well, there’s really no choice but to slam on the breaks and pull out the trusty cell phone for a picture. Who could blame me? Look how nicely the lines and colors of the buildings contrast with this car.

This classic Dodge was in charming downtown Chillicothe, Ohio on Sunday morning after my hike. That building is Fifty West Brewing Company, a popular hangout in a neighborhood that’s experiencing an impressive renaissance. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or a long weekend, there’s plenty to do in the Chillicothe area to keep you entertained.

Give Me A Moment, Please

I’m home now and will be back to work again this morning after four days of adventuring with a friend. There’s much to say about this trip because we packed as much as possible into every day. The good news is that there are stories to share. The bad news is that there’s so much to share that I need a moment to unpack it all in my head and get started.

So, for now, here’s a favorite picture that was captured while walking around Mount Airy, North Carolina. It exemplifies how full this trip was of memories made by simply being in the right place at the right time.

My friend and I were both of the mindset that we wanted to see and do as much as possibl while we were there. The hotel was basically a place for a good night’s sleep and a shower so we would be prepared for another fun day. We had some specific destinations in mind but were open to unplanned fun and wandering off the beaten path because there was a sign that pointed somewhere that sounded interesting.

Honestly? My best memories from these last four days are a product of saying YES when opportunity arose. We just kept looking around that next bend and kept seeking whatever came next.

That’s one of the keys to happiness, if you ask me. Life is big and interesting. Maintain a sense of curiosity, go looking for the unusual and the mundane and seek out the beauty in the smallest things. Stop and admire that great vehicle, notice the tiniest wildflower at the side of the road, be present and look for reasons to be happy. It’s there if you look for it!

Stick around. There’s a lot to come from this North Carolina whirlwind trip!

Cars For Sale

I have really come to appreciate cars for sale along the side of the road. You see, no one thinks twice if you walk up to a car that’s for sale and start to take pictures.

You just look like a potential buyer.

Do that to any other car in someone’s driveway and you would have some explaining to do – or some e’splaining to do as Ricky used to tell Lucy.

It’s also fun to fantasize about tooling around in your own classic car!

This 1953 Buick Special was parked outside Mount Vernon, Ohio and could be yours for just $8,000. The sign says it runs great!

THAT Person

You know that person you see pulled off the side of the road staring at nothing in a field or at a building? Or maybe they’ve flipped on their hazard lights and are sprinting across the road with a camera or phone in one hand….

In case you haven’t figured it out, I am THAT person.

Check out what I found last night and tell me you wouldn’t stop to look too.

This will sound idiotic but I always admire the way the door, brick and street signs work together here but I’ve never stopped for photos. Last night, this little Chevelle provided a good excuse!

Isn’t she pretty?? The fender on the passenger side is a little banged up so I didn’t photograph her from that angle. A lady should only be photographed from her best side, you know!

Here’s another look.

It needs some work but it’s still a sweet looking ride and it made my day.

Just so you know, I’m ok with being THAT person. It’s Saturday. Take a page from my book and go out and be that person too!Find something that makes you smile and enjoy it.

Life Is Worth Adventuring

It’s like someone parked it there just for me. I had swung through the BK drive thru for an impossible Whopper (cooked off the grill with no mayo, thank you) only to find this gem waiting for me.

It’s these unexpected surprises that make life worth adventuring.

Road Tripping Red

Both Friday and Saturday allowed some free time for backroads wandering. These two days resulted in some wonderful memories and good fodder to share here. I wanted to start with this series of images.

This car was parked outside an establishment near Athens and I couldn’t resist whipping in for some pictures!

Check out the rocket lights!

And of course the fuzzy dice and hula girl!

Imagine road tripping in this beast! Remember what I said last month about red things? There was a similar car in the same parking lot but it was a different, sort of gold color. I didn’t even give it a second look but this flashy red left me practically drooling!

Who knows what kind of car this is?