The Big Peach

The Big Peach

The Big Peach

If you ever find yourself traveling on Old Highway 41 north of Vincennes, Indiana, be sure to swing into The Big Peach. It’s a family owned seasonal farm market. If you go, they’re open May through October and sell all sorts of goodies like fresh produce, fudge, baked goods and gift items. In the fall, I’m told their pumpkin butter is divine.

However, the big attraction here is the twenty foot tall peach and miniature Washington Monument out front. I read somewhere that they were built as a tribute to the Trylon and Perisphere of the 1939 World’s Fair. These pieces of modern art were much larger, painted white and central images of the fair that year. See the image below, borrowed from

The Indiana versions are colorful and delightful representations of roadside life in America. It’s a fun place to stop and stretch your legs if you’re in the area. 

Vincennes is a great small town with lots to do. My favorite attraction is a museum dedicated to comedian Red Skelton and the George Rogers Clark Memorial where I watched the sun rise. 


Lincoln Memorial Bridge

I live in southern Ohio where US Route 50 passes through rural areas and towns, providing a scenic look at the region. If you stay on 50 and travel west, you will eventually find yourself in Vincennes, Indiana.

This is a charming town on the Illinois line. I delighted in my brief stay here a couple of years ago and wouldn’t mind going back sometime.

There’s a good bit to do and see including the Red Skelton Museum and the George Rogers Clark Memorial. You can also tour William Henry Harrison’s mansion where the Shawnee leader Tecumseh visited. This was sort of a thrill for me given that I once worked in the box office of the outdoor drama Tecumseh and my little nerd heart appreciated the connection to my own past. My tour guide was thrilled to meet someone who was familiar with Tecumseh and was from his part of the world.

There’s also the bridge in the above image – the Lincoln Memorial Bridge which spans the Wabash River, connecting Indiana and Illinois. If you cross it, you can visit a nice roadside memorial to Abraham Lincoln. Come back into Vincennes and you’ll find yourself in a charming downtown with some nice mom and pop shops and restaurants.

I stood on the Indiana side – between a church and the George Rogers Clark Memorial to capture this image and I think it’s a nice perspective.

The View From Here


This is the George Rogers Clark Memorial in Vincennes, Indiana. I sat on those steps early one fall morning in 2018 and watched the sunrise. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and the town was quiet.

I sat here for a long time just enjoying the peace and lost in my own thoughts. That was a rebuilding year for me personally and one of the best things that came out of that time was that I managed a good bit of travel and embraced my status as a single person. Sitting here that morning I realized that I was ok with who I was and the fact it’s just me.

The sunrise view from these steps wasn’t the best but the view of my life from these steps was darn good.

At the end of the day, you’re all you have and no amount of money, no stuff, no job, no relationship and no promises will change that. Embrace who you are, learn to take care of yourself, take the solo trip, eat alone in the restaurant, go live your life.

The sun will rise and set every day. In between the two, there are adventures to be had. Don’t waste a single minute. Get out there and enjoy life.

Old Chicago at the Old Moon Theater

chicago theater vincennes 2I was talking to someone yesterday about some of the roaming I did in Indiana last year. It reminded me of an evening in Vincennes where there was a fun little street fair underway. There were old cars, great architecture and lots of fun to be had that night. I wandered around with my camera and talked to strangers for a bit.

When the light began to fade and my stomach started to growl, I found my way into Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom. This is a chain but there is something very special about the building. It’s an old movie theater!

The New Moon Theater was built in downtown Vincennes in 1939 and quickly became a landmark where people lined up around the block to purchase tickets. Like so many old buildings, it was repurposed a few times over the years before being shuttered and at risk of loss.

Some investors sunk a lot of money into this property, transforming it into restaurant space that employs about a hundred people. Craft pizza and beers are the specialty and the atmosphere is welcoming.

chicago theater vincennes 1They did a nice job with the remodel. You really wouldn’t know that it was once a theater but there’s exposed brick so I’ll forgive them. The decor is mostly timeless and very comfortable so I was glad to hang here for a while.

The service was fantastic too, not for perfection but for how my server handled a problem. I had ordered a veggie calzone and they accidentally put sausage in it. I’m not a picky eater but am pescaterian so I wasn’t thrilled to find meat in my food.

I was nice when I pointed out the error because it was just a simple mistake.  She was absolutely appalled, brought me new food straightaway and got the manager to comp my meal without my asking. I didn’t expect anything for free and she was so sweet I tipped her the price of my meal.

You really find out what people are made of when you see how they react to a problem and that young lady was made to work in customer service. In case your’re wondering, the calzone was excellent too.

So, if you’re ever in Vincennes, Indiana and have a hankering for some great food in a fun environment, check out the Old Chicago!

There’s a good bit of history in Vincennes, including a number of stories that I haven’t told here yet. They’re on the list but I haven’t gotten to them. I did, however, write about the Red Skelton Museum which I loved, as well as about this road trip in general. 

This was the trip where I swore I would see more sunrises in my daily life. 

I’ve failed miserably at this goal but at least I try, right?


I Forgot To Go Back

Vicennes a (55)I was just looking through pictures from my stay in Vincennes, Indiana last October and realized something. I forgot to visit this great looking record store.

There was a street fair happening that night. Music, a classic car show, vendors – plus there was beautiful fall light that made for nice pictures. I walked by, made a mental note to go back a little later and promptly forgot.

I love local record stores so this feels like a real loss. If you’re in the Vincennes area, please go visit and let me know what it’s like!

Do you ever just suddenly remember something that you forgot to do months after it is no longer relevant? My mind astounds me sometimes.