Scout Went To The Vet

Scout went to the vet yesterday. It was just his annual check up and shots and he got a clean bill of health. Although, he tops out at 13.5 pounds – a little overweight, according to the vet. It seems my working from home has caused even my cat to pack on some pandemic pounds!

Getting him there, though, was a challenge. He sensed that something was amiss and hid. Once located, he fought me over going in the carrier and then proceeded to cry and yowl the entire way there. It was thirty minutes of pure, unadulterated distressed cat. You would have thought he was being murdered.

By the time we arrived, I was covered in black hair and my nerves were a little frayed from all that serenading.

We got into the vet’s office and he transformed into a perfect gentleman. He was the sweetest little boy you’ve ever met and everyone there thought he was wonderful.

Notice the look I’m getting here though.

We clearly are no longer speaking to me and I should sleep with one eye open until further notice.